Upcoming: how is it almost October already?

nanowrimoHey all! Things are still going pretty well. I’ve been setting up my desk the way I want it. It’s still getting there, but it’s so nice to have dedicated workspace again. I think it’s really going to help with things. I can’t wait until I have a proper computer chair, haha.

Anyway, I’m usually really aware of what time of year it is. Writing does that. There’s big writing events in April (NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo round 1), July (Camp NaNoWriMo round 2), and November (NaNoWriMo). I don’t participate in the April events anymore, I have conventions that I attend around that time of year and it gets very difficult to get the right word counts when you’re running around a convention. Strangely enough. I did okay at Convergence, but I think that was mainly the convention and the fact that I’m often on my own there.

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On the Characters You Relate To

kirei1Hey all! Things are going well here. I’m still dealing with more pain than I want to, but that’s how things are right now. At least I’m getting work done!

Anyway, this post really just popped into my head because yesterday I decided to redo a meme that I did last year. Just to see how things had changed over the course of a year. You know. Because things do. The meme in question is ‘9 Characters You Relate To.’ I linked to my answers there. And yes, there were some changes over the year. A few characters switched out, though I still relate to them.

But that got me thinking about how varied some of the characters I relate to are and that sometimes the characters I relate to aren’t my favorites. And it’s always one of those things…should we be concerned about which characters we like? About which ones we relate to?

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Posts Revisited: Point of View in Narrative

writingHey all! Sorry about the slight delays between posts. I’m busy with multiple things – but I’m doing alright. I’m making progress on Opus Crescendo, even if it’s slower than I want to be moving.

Anyway, I love this ‘Posts Revisited’ series I’m doing. Point of View in Narratives. This is one of the posts I really wanted to come back to, for various reasons. I think I did a good job covering the different types of point of view the first time around, I was really close to my schooling at the time. If I had done a poor job explaining POV I would have felt like a bit of a failure.

I was still learning what worked best for me at that point in time. I’ve matured a bit as a writer since then, at least I’d like to think that.

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