Revision: 1st and 3rd Person Point of View

writing-1209121_1920Hey all! I’m doing well in terms of writing. My tracking sheet is saying I’m a little ‘low’ for the week, but I was hit with stress and really not feeling well, so I’m okay with having a ‘slow’ week. That and I don’t know how to track the words for my visual novel project, not accurately at least. Remember to check out my Redbubble shop for cool writing shirts, stickers, and more!

Anyway, today’s post might seem redundant since I recently revisited point of view in narrative. But I’m not talking in the terminology sense, but in how different they are in terms of actual writing. I’ve run into people who seem to think that switching from 3rd to 1st or vice versa is just a matter of changing pronouns – and it really isn’t. There’s a lot more that goes into it.

There’s a reason that point of view is one of the first things I decide when I’m going to start writing. Because if I get past the planning stages and into the writing, changing to a different point of view is, well, annoying.

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Announcement: Shirts on Redbubble!

redbubbleHey all! Things are still going well out by me. I’m working on outlining for a few projects, working on my visual novel project, and even started planning out some short stories for submission again. Things got busy there, so the short stories went by the wayside. I’m doing well despite the business!

Anyway, short post today!


I’ve been designing t-shirts for selling on Redbubble. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long while but didn’t really know how to do. Rather, I guess I didn’t have the drive to actually get everything going. I found the drive this week, apparently.

I have more designs in mind and will be slowly adding them to my shop between working on novels and other projects.


Some of them are more general, some of them are directly relating to my books. All of the designs can be purchased on many types of shirt or as stickers or many other things!

So, please check out my Redbubble!

Happy writing!

Creative Ventures and Comparing Yourself to Others

creativity-396268_1920Hey all! I’m pleased to announce that as of two days ago, Opus Crescendo is off with my editors. And that I’ve commissioned the cover art. That means Opus Crescendo is most definitely a go for this year. I’m really pleased to have gotten through the revision as I was going through some rather difficult times. Here’s to hoping I can continue beating down depression and moving forward. I just have to keep on keepin’ on.

This is a post that is a long time coming. It’s one I’ve been wanting to try and cover for awhile (read: years), but never really been able to get my mind about how to address it. But I’m at least going to give an attempt now.

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