Hello world!

So I suppose I should use this post as an introduction of sorts.  My name is Laura, though I answer to Pogo as well.  I am a recent graduate of Carroll University in Wisconsin.  I graduated with a degree in writing.  While this is what I live and breathe and will eventually be a marketable degree, I am currently in a state of transition.  I’m going to be working part-time food service starting next week Monday.

Why does that matter?

This is going to free up a bunch of time for me to work on my writing (in theory).  Which is a big yay!  I also had the idea of starting this blog to document my writing process and learn more about it and to maybe help other writers.  Writing is a hard thing.  Muses are elusive and slip away all the time, characters are finicky, and the English language isn’t the easiest to master.  I don’t claim to be an expert, but I know what I’m doing (for the most part).

My Writing

My big project for the past year has been my novel, Opus Aria (formerly known as Opus 1).  The original writing took from February 2009 to August 2009 and was what I call a “vomit” draft.  When I say that I mean it’s literally throwing ideas on the page.  There was some organization, but there were unfinished story lines when I completed the novel (NOT GOOD!)  My final semester at Carroll could have been very relaxed; but I decided to be stubborn and do an independent study in Novel Revision.  With the help of my Professor I was able to get write a new outline and get a little over halfway through the second draft.  While I love Opus Aria, I need a small break from it.  I will finish the new draft, but I worked on it so extensively this past semester that it just needs to rest a little.  That, and I need to rethink the middle sections of the novel, with some of the earlier changes, some of the later events no longer make as much sense to me.

My current project is simply titled Cheshire at the moment.  Cheshire is an incredibly androgynous character who prefers male pronouns.  He decided to start talking to me one day and since then I’ve been planning his story and writing some of it.  The story takes place within the same universe as Opus Aria, which I have yet to name (suggestions anyone?)

Tip of the Day

“Kill your darlings”

I’m not sure where the original quote comes from, but all of my college professors have uttered this in classes.  What it means is that while it may be hard to get rid of the just-way-too-awesome-line in a poem or the character-who-really-doesn’t-fit-in-this-story-but-I’m-going-to-damn-well-make-it-work, it is almost always for the better.  Just because the line of poetry is particularly lovely to you doesn’t necessarily mean it is a good line of poetry, or that it fits in that particular poem.  Just because you love this character to death doesn’t mean he fits in the story he’s in.  Trust me, that character will let you know where he/she belongs.  If something feels off in a poem or a story, try cutting that one thing you don’t want to get rid of.  It may turn out that the one thing you were holding onto was killing the story/poem.  If it turns out that cutting that one thing kills the story/poem, go back to the previous draft!  Writing is all about experimentation.

Thanks for reading!

Again, I’m no expert.  I’m just a writer who wants to share my experiences and give a few tips here and there!



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