Writer’s Block

I managed to start some new writing last night.  I created a new character, Lotus.  I think she might be my most tragic character.  Poor thing.  I’m working on a  full story for her, I think it could turn out very interesting.  I did a quick one-shot for a contest on deviantart, Fallen Lotus.  It’s mainly an introduction to the character.  Some of the information is going to be changing.

Writer’s Block

We’ve all suffered from it.  We all know how bad writer’s block can be.  I’ve had it last months at a time.  Everyone has different methods of getting past writer’s block, some more effective than others.  I’ve never been incredibly good at getting past writer’s block, but I’ve gotten better at it in the past few years.  Here’s some of my tips.

Force Yourself to Write

This sounds like it would be counterproductive, but it keeps you writing something.  It might not be exactly what you want to write, but it is writing.  Find silly prompts to use online, ones that have you write from the perspective of a shoe.  Or the ground.  Something could spawn from one of those silly little writing exercises, like a new idea for a character, or even a novel.  If it doesn’t bring new ideas, then it’s helping by keeping your writing sharp.  So while it seems like a silly option, it really does work.

Try Writing in a New Area

This probably sounds silly as well.  But I’ve found that words don’t always come as fast when I’m writing in the same area over and over.  If you have a laptop, take it outside and write while looking at a beautiful sunset, or some trees, or hills.  Try sitting in a new chair, or in a new position.  Even if its not writing in a new area, go soak up life for a little bit then use that as inspiration for a story.

Read Some Books

I’ve found that I get strong inspiration after I finish a good book.  Cheshire spawned after I finished a book; my poem “I Can’t Think Tonight” spawned after I finished reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick.  Either way, reading is a great way to get ideas and make them your own.  That making them your own part is really important.  Don’t steal other people’s work.  For one, it’s illegal.  For two, it’s just mean.  Sometimes just reading is enough to spawn an entirely new idea from what you read in the book.  See what happens!

Try Writing in a New Style

I used to primarily write fantasy stories.  Now I write almost exclusively in the science fiction genre.  I never really finished anything in the fantasy genre, everything felt generic and there were a lot of Mary Sues in my writing back then.  My first dabbling in science fiction was Opus 1 (now Opus Aria).  It was my first completed novel.  Of course, this was after taking nearly a year off of fiction writing (I didn’t stop writing though, I was working on my poetry).  So, if you feel like a genre is getting stale, try a new one.  It might work out really well.

Don’t Give Up

Giving up when you have writer’s block is probably the worst thing you can do.  Not trying to get rid of the block used to be my method and it doesn’t work very well.  Sure, eventually the block will pass.  But it takes a long time.  If you keep trying to get rid of it by writing everyday and keeping your wits sharp, it might pass sooner because of inspiration from a writing prompt.

So, in conclusion, writer’s block isn’t too bad to get past if you keep trying.  Just don’t let it take over 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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