Finding Inspiration

Hello again!  I might take a break from the blog for a day or two, but I’ve had a streak of ideas for blogs.  So it works!  I’m going to start including images in my blogs to spice them up a bit.  I like text as much as the next person, but adding images can enhance the writing itself.  You’ll see.


Sometimes I’ve had problems finding inspiration.  I will find certain things inspiring, but I will not be able to use that particular inspiration.  It just doesn’t fit with the piece I’m working on.  This was especially evident when I was in poetry workshops last year.  I would think that I had the best idea and then I would try writing it and found that the idea was really crappy for the poem.  Or maybe just for me.  Who knows.  That’s not really the point of today’s blog.  Today is how to find inspiration.


The tone and mood of a piece greatly affect what kind of inspiration will help.  Or what will help you find inspiration.  Whatever.  I mean, if you’re writing something that is all fluffy bunnies, black metal music probably isn’t going to help you with anything.  Of course, thinking about it too much could mess with the organic process…inspiration might not come.  You might fall into the dreaded writer’s block.


unicorns and black metal don't mix

Nightmare Fuel

Alright.  I’ve had terrible nightmares since I was a little kid.  They used to make me too scared to sleep.  However, now I’ve decided that nightmares can be good for ideas.  Inspiration.  My characters go through hell.  My nightmares are messed up.  It’s just something that works for my style of writing, especially my poetry.  My ‘long poem’ assignment (poem that was over 2 or 3 pages long) was titled Dreamscapes and went through a variety of nightmares I’ve had throughout my life.

Now nightmare fuel doesn’t really refer to the nightmare itself.  It refers to what causes nightmares and is a TV Trope.  As you can guess, nightmare fuel is something that is something that is scary, terrifying, etc.  If you’re going for something dark, nightmare fuel is a good place to start.  If you’re looking for some good nightmare fuel?  Check out Doctor Who, specifically the episodes by Stephen Moffat.  A few of them gave me nightmares.  One or two still do.  Yet, in all that terror, there is something that inspires me to write horror as well as he does.  I find inspiration in his Weeping Angels, the Vashta Nerada, and others.  They are simple, but they play on human fears and that is inspiring.

not terrifying at all, right?

Everyday Life

Seems silly, right?  I find inspiration in everything.  I can’t necessarily use it, but its there.  Sometimes a person inspires you to write.  Sometimes a TV show.  Just keep your eyes open and you could fall into inspiration.  Hell, my dog is inspiring to me!  One of my capstone (big senior project at the university I went to) poems was about my dog and how he looks and acts at the dog park.  My connection with my dog inspired to start writing a story that involved people and dogs spying together.  It didn’t go anywhere, but it was still a spark.

Look at small things, look at big things.  Especially listen to music!  You’ll find that certain songs resonate perfectly with characters (hey, this seems familiar…didn’t I just write that soundtrack blog?).  Or that certain songs just make you want to write or draw or take pictures.  Whatever floats your boat.

Live life and you should be able to


This seems like a silly post, doesn’t it.  To me, inspiration is one of the more important things in writing.  When its not there, there is writer’s block, when it is there, the writing just flows.  I know I’ve had some issues holding onto inspiration, so I hope that this is at least interesting, if not helpful!

How does inspiration come to you?


All images were found on Google Image Search.



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