My Current Writing Projects and Issues

Hello all!  Time to start updating this more often (again).  Its hard to think of a lot of writing topics, but I seem to always have projects and issues.  We’ll get back to that in a bit.

I’m going to be going to a new Tae Kwon Do school on Friday.  Well, kind of new.  The instructors taught at my old Tae Kwon Do school, but started their own school.  It’s cool.  I’m not sure if I’m going to be attending there long term, but it’ll be nice to catch up with them.  I haven’t seen most of them in a couple years.

At the same time its nerve-wracking because I’m quite a bit heavier than I used to be and I’m pretty out of shape.  But I’m excited at the idea of having martial arts in my life again.  I’ve missed it more than most people realize.  We’ll see how this goes.  Wheee!

Writing Projects and Issues

I always have ideas of what I want to be writing.  Every once and awhile I guess I’ll talk about them and how they’re progressing.  Sometimes progress will be pretty slow (because I’m a lazy ass), other times progress is really, super fast!  For about half the month of November, I was ahead on NaNoWriMo!  It made me feel accomplished at the time…  Perhaps my issues can help other people with THEIR creative issues…

Prior Lives

Prior Lives is my biggest project at the moment.  I started the novel during NaNoWriMo 2010 and didn’t finish because I started to burn out towards the end of the competition.  It follows the story of Darien Marcellus, a young woman who just wants to be normal.  The most interesting thing about this project is that it is a prequel, of sorts, to Opus Aria.  It’s given me a lot of insight into how the Opus universe (I really need a name for that universe…) got to where it is.  On a random note, anyone have a name for that universe?  Its bugging me that I can’t think of a name for it!  Anyways, back to the project description.  This novel also gives me more understanding of the government and how absolutely horrible it was to several groups of people.  The biggest point that this novel helps me with?  Adepts and how they work.  See, most of the characters in the novel are Adepts.  I see how the various powers affect people and all the different types.  Its a really interesting project to be working on!

Opus Aria

Formerly known as Opus 1.  This has been my big project since February 2009.  It is the first novel I completed (first draft took about six months).  It follows the story of Aria Brayton (gasp! she has a last name now!)  Her profile is a couple posts back.  Worth a read.  She is an Opus, an enhanced human, who worked as an assassin for the government and military.  She ended up running away from Project Maestro (the people who made her what she is) as she slowly realized how many people she was killing, or something like that.  Why she left is currently in flux.  After being on the run for two years, she finds a wanted ‘poster’ of herself.  This is what drives the story, why is Project Maestro hunting her down seriously after all these years?  This is the novel that introduced me to this universe.  It is very dear to me.  It introduced me to a corrupt government that ‘enhances’ (read: mutilates) humans, teenage humans into assassins or whatever else they want.  It introduced a world with a scorched sky.  It created so many opportunities and I started writing it because I was bored in class.


This is another project that I toy with from time to time.  Cheshire is an Adept.  I’m pretty sure that his story takes place after or around the time of Opus Aria.  Again, nothing is in stone.  Cheshire was one of many child/teenage Adepts taken to a facility called Oculis Mentis.  It was determined at some point in this Opus Universe, that children and teenagers weren’t able to control their Adept powers and were kept away from the general populous.  In all actuality, its a good idea, an uncontrolled Adept is a terrifying thing.  Regardless, once Cheshire and his little friend Anza have more control over their powers, they manage to destroy a good part of the facility and escape.  I’m still figuring out their story, but I know they are being stalked by another Adept.  Perhaps multiple Adepts!  This story is the one that originally introduced the idea of Adepts.


I have a few other projects that I want to work on as well, however, we’ll stick in the Opus Universe for now.  My issues all stem from Prior Lives.  See, Prior Lives changes a lot of things.  Prior Lives brought a few bits of information to my knowledge, including the fact that Aria was adopted and that her real parents are both main characters in Prior Lives.  That alone is a main change in Opus Aria.  I’m still trying to determine if Melody is Aria’s biological sister.  Its entirely possible that she is.

Both of Aria’s parents are Adepts.  I have to figure out how Adept genetics work.  I need to figure out if two strong Adepts would have Adept children.  For those who think it isn’t important to know how the genetics work; it adds a level of believability and actual science into the science fiction.  Perhaps it skips a generation? Perhaps they canceled each other out?  Either way, I don’t know.

The entire time line has changed as well.  I always thought that my Canis project would be the one that unveils how the government scorches the sky, but it is Prior Lives that does it.  Originally the sky was scorched during Aria’s lifetime, around the time she was seven or eight.  Now it is getting scorched before she is born.  While it seems like a small change, the burnt, orange sky is all that Aria and the other Opera (plural of Opus) have known.  It changes the tone.

Aria’s age has been changing a lot as have a few aspects of how she spent her years running.  Initially, Aria was 19 during the events of Opus Aria.  It left a lot of believability issues, especially with how long she had been training beforehand.  She never would have been an active Opus.  It dawned on me that Project Maestro would never have allowed someone to be ‘inactive’.  The incentive to perform would have been ‘do what we say or we make it seem like you never existed’.  So she became an active Opus.  But then her age started to be wrong.  How many years of training are required for an Opus?  So her age is currently sitting between 22-24.  She started her training when she was 13, lets say there are 3 or 4 years of training, that means she was active for a couple of years before she ran.  It makes more sense, at least in my head.  The part about her running is that she might have ended up in my friend’s creation, Night City.  We joked about it at first, but its starting to seem more and more canon.

The final issue?  Getting myself to write the ending of Prior Lives.  I’m getting so close.  The events that cause the end have been set into motion.  I’m having trouble writing the end because I don’t want to do this to Darien, even though in my mind, I already have.  What happens fundamentally changes her.  It fundamentally changes Stratton.  I don’t even know who survives through the end of Prior Lives, except Darien and Stratton.


Writing has been tough for me lately.  I’m hoping that this blog will allow me to work through my writing issues.  As much as I hate it, I have self-imposed writer’s block on Prior Lives.  Until I finish that, I cannot move forward onto my other writing projects.  Its a bit of a stalemate.

Hopefully ranting this out will allow me to move forward.

Thanks for reading!


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