NaPoWriMo: Day 2

Today’s poem deals with the game Dynasty Warriors, I might have been playing the 7th game obsessively the past few days.  Just maybe.

Just for fun, lets see a little bit of my writing process for poetry!  Why?  Because I can!

This is the fancy notebook I’m using for NaPoWriMo.  Once I’m done with NaPoWriMo, it is becoming an idea book for my novels.  I got it on sale ^_^

How yesterday’s poem looked in the notebook.  Pardon my bad handwriting.  Note that parts are scribbled out.

And now, I’ll finally get to today’s poem.  Which is a prose poem ^_^

I had a conversation with Xiahou Dun.  His eyepatch unnerved me more than the sword candy-coated in blood.  Babies.  He told me that Zhao Yun eats babies like pieces of popcorn.  Crunchy.  Tigers were following our every move, slinking in our shadows – like the forgotten middle child.  We walked away from battle, our boots squelching in mud, for some reason we held hands.  I asked him how he did it and he said an apple a day keeps Guan Yu away.

So that’s all!  Let me know what you think of my lovely Dynasty Warriors prose poem.  I’m considering a series of them.  Maybe one from each kingdom?  Or my favorite characters?  We’ll see!



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