NaPoWriMo: Day 3

I finally got to start on the Wu campaign for Dynasty Warriors 7.  I had to get through the Shu campaign first – they’re my least favorite of the Dynasties.  Unlike most people, I’m actually enjoying how they have the story mode set up.  It works nicely, at least in my mind.  Eventually I’ll get around to writing a real review, but for now, on to poetry!

[Zhang He taught me how to tango last night]

Zhang He taught me how to tango last night.  He pulled me close and led me through the steps.  The moon was high, a bleach stain on the fabric of the sky.  Butterflies swarmed around him like thousands of colorful bits of paper.  The horizon deepened to the purple-black of a nasty bruise, stars punching through like soldiers in a losing battle.

Its a rough poem, but I like some of the language I’ve got in there.

Let me know what you think!



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