NaPoWriMo: Day 4

Hey all!  I decided to take a small break from my Dynasty Warriors based prose poems (don’t want to burn out on them!).  I was going to attempt a ghazal today, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  I am hoping to work in form a little bit this month, even though I usually have a bit of difficulty with it.  Maybe I’ll going into a blues sonnet again.  I liked that form.

Hunter brown eyes,
softer than your name
would dictate.   A scar,
like a smudge of dirt
on white tile.  Your
expressions are intense,
how could they not be
when your eyes
are flecked with gold?


A rough poem, but its there.  It’ll need a lot of work if I want it to be successful.  Maybe I’ll do my loving dog justice another day.  When its not all rainy and gloomy outside.   Poor pup hates the rain.

On the agenda for tonight?  Work, stuffed burgers, and then crocheting work!

Give me some ideas for poems!  I loved the exercises we did in ENG307.




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