NaPoWriMo: Day 9 and 10

Hey, sorry that I’ve been absent the past  few days.  Its been a rather awful week and I’ve had a busy weekend.  I’m not giving up on NaPoWriMo, though!  Here’s two poems!

Stained glass in the shape
of a shattered cross.
The colors waltz
along the floor.  She
dances with the rainbow,
flowers, tulips and roses
twirl around her.

An incomplete poem, but I like where the language went.  I hope I can make something nice from it.

And now another nerdy poem.


Four colors tell a story.

Green rises through the ashes of chaos, his wings of friendship spreading through a clear sky.

Blue is a bulldozer.  Blue does whatever he damn well feels like.  He is the wind that feeds fire.

Red stalks through the night, feline.  The tiger protects his cubs, fierce to the end.

Teal is the end of Blue, then Red, and finally Green.  Teal is dynamite, without that one little spark, he is nothing.


Let me know what you think!



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