Opus Universe Update

Hey all!  I’ve not given up on NaPoWriMo yet, I just have to make up some poems.  I’ve been a bit busy.  I had my niece’s birthday party, false hope for a job, and had a wonderful day at Taekwondo on Thursday.  I was actually doing jump spin kicks.  My kick were high.  It was like I had NEVER been away.  I did struggle with my push to switch spin combo and step on air spin back, but my jump spins were amazing.  I had some pretty good runaway axe kicks as well.  It made me feel so much more confident.  Even if my back is still a little sore.

So I had a huge breakthrough in the Opus universe today.The Opus trilogy (YES!  Trilogy!) is essentially the story of John Stratton’s life.  Darien narrates the first book, which will have the title Opus Crescendo.  Opus Crescendo (feels SO weird to call it that) was originally not going to deal with the Opus Universe.  Then it did, but it was going to be way early on.  Then Stratton walked into the building that Darien was working at.  No big deal.  Oops, they ended up falling in love.  Huh, well that complicated things.  Back on track – we find out Stratton’s past as well as how the sky became the orange color it is throughout Opus Aria.

Now we hit Opus Aria.  How is this about Stratton, you ask?  Well, originally, Stratton was going to be just the guy who took them to the implantation room.  Then he was in charge of Project Maestro.  And then he became Aria’s biological father.  Which she doesn’t know about and I don’t think she ever does.  I think, somewhere in my mind, I was planning it all along, because there are a few scenes that make a lot more sense NOW than they did when I originally had written them.  So a character who was supposed to be minor ends up the main character’s father.  Interesting.

Opus Canon (name will be changing eventually) was originally going to have three protagonists.  Keiran, Karin, and Melody.  I’m keeping Keiran because I love his voice so much.  He and Cadenza have a marvelous dynamic.  Karin…Karin might be staying in the next draft but I’m not sure.  Melody, of course, will be staying.  There’s another voice joining and it is that of Stratton.  I was originally going to kill him off in this book.  But I’ve realized that it doesn’t make much sense anymore.  Its more likely that he will snap when the government catches up with him.  He managed to hide all those years as an Adept.  And not just an Adept, a POWERFUL Adept.  Now that I realize that the he’s such a key player, I want to see how he fights.

So while this seems simple, its a huge breakthrough for me.  It gives me a nice theme that goes throughout all three novels.  Opus Crescendo has an official name.  I’m happy!



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