Apologies, Promises, the Usual

Hey all.

Sorry about the long absence.  Lets start at the beginning, eh?  NaPoWriMo.  I gave up midway through the month because I was having a really awful month.  That should have made for a really great poetry writing month, but I just wasn’t feeling it.  My great aunt died right at the beginning of the month.  I took it really hard even if was…expected?  I can’t even remember everything that went on during April.

I still don’t have a job.  Its hard when I have  a bunch of friends getting job offers, accepting job offers, the like.  Kinda makes me feel awful about myself.  I’m still looking.  There just…isn’t anything there.

I had a very busy month of ACen prep (which…was mediocre at best (the convention, not the prep)).

So I’m going to start doing blogs again.  I have some ideas 🙂



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