A Writer’s Take on the Characters of Pirates of the Caribbean

Hey all!  Look!  I’m writing a post!  I’m keeping my promise!


Things have been going alright around here.    Wisconsin weather is, well, being Wisconsin weather.  Past couple days have been in the 60s, today?  No.  Today was over 90.  I think my lovely spring weather just got bashed out of the way for full force Wisconsin summer.  Yay 90% humidity!

So before my boyfriend went back home after Anime Central, we went to see the new pirates movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.  After that, I re-watched the first three movies, of course.  The first thing that should be noted is that my love of the series has been rekindled.  The second thing that should be noted is that I think I want to be a pirate.  Yarr.

Down to Business

Anyways, Pirates of the Caribbean.  Curse of the Black Pearl came out during the summer between my freshman year of high school and my sophomore year.  Makes me feel old, damn.  I remember that I saw it in the movie theatre with my friend Kelly and that we were laughing a lot.  I know that it led to Kelly and I canoeing around a lake for gym class belting out “Yo ho (a pirates’ life for me)”.  Needless to say, the films enchanted me.  When I was little, one of my favorite movies was Hook.  Every time I was out in California visiting my grandma, I watched it.  So I’ve always had an interest in pirates.

Now I’m not just going to sit here and sing the praises of PotC.  I love the series to death.  I could talk about how the story unfolds, but as is usual for me, its the characters that are really important to me.  So we’re going to talk about the characters in Pirates of the Caribbean and why they interest me so much.

Captain Jack Sparrow

The first scene stealer of the movie.  Captain Jack Sparrow was one of my favorite characters back in the day.  While I still enjoy his character, I’ve come to enjoy other characters more now.  I was first drawn to Jack Sparrow because his character could make me laugh and since I was 14 or 15 when the movie came out, that was important.  Now that I’ve re-watched the movies so many times, I can tell you that I’m more drawn to his character because he’s possibly the most manipulative character out of them.  Before I get blasted on that, Jack rarely goes into a situation unless it benefits him.  He bumbles around and makes it appear as though he isn’t competent, but is really pulling all the strings.

Elizabeth Swann

While she isn’t my favorite character, I suppose she needs to get an honorable mention.  Elizabeth is a character who really resonated with me at the time I first watched Curse of the Black Pearl.  I was a beginner in martial arts and couldn’t defend myself, but I wanted to be able to go and be part of the action, you know?  It was just one of those things that stuck with me.  Her progression through the films is really amazing, now that I reflect on it.  She comes of age through the films (by means of love of three men) and through death (of Jack).  Its a great bit of writing.

Hector Barbossa

Anyone who’s been around me lately has heard me professing to liking the character of Barbossa more than Jack Sparrow.  Why do you say?  He just seems more interesting.  Perhaps its the mystery surrounding the character as we know very little about him and his past, but there’s just something that makes me want to know more about him.  He is manipulative, ruthless, and for some reason, I see him as a tragic hero.  Which makes me wonder what happened to the hero’s lady love…back on topic!  Pretty much every scene that Barbossa was in, he stole.  He’s freakin’ awesome.


The PotC series has been so inspiring to me as of late that I’m starting to develop my own pirates story (original fiction, of course).  I really have ideas for the movies too, but that’s just a pipe dream.  I’m 22 years old, unknown, and unemployed.  I’m probably not what they’re looking for.  Of course, a fresh perspective and fresh talent is always a good thing…

I’ll continue watching the PotC movies because they’re amazingly well written and the characters are fascinating.  Eventually I’ll get into a review of On Stranger Tides, but ideally I’d want to watch the movie again.  I’m weird that way.

I just thought I’d put my thoughts out there on the characters.  I would love to go more in detail, but I’d risk writing thousands of words on this.  Send me a message if you want to hear my theories!

Who’s your favorite in the PotC cast?

Thanks for reading!



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