The Downside of Being Imaginative

This blog has been sitting around in my head for several days.  Its something that I’ve thought about many, many times.  Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve spent more time in my head than I do in the real world.  Its probably why I’m not so great at math, heh, I didn’t find the subject interesting, so I just didn’t pay attention.

After awhile, I realized why I did that is because I have quite an imagination and that it was much more fun to imagine things than to pay attention in boring classes (like math).  It was more fun to pretend that I was somewhere else doing something fantastic.

Of course, as I got even older, I started putting some of these ideas down on paper.  In middle school it was common for me to be writing stories in the middle of a class.  All of them had fantasy elements to them; magic, aliens, monsters, whatever.  In high school it was common for me to be writing as well, some teachers even called me out on it.

So What’s the Problem?

As I hit high school and college (and graduated college), I discovered how bored I get with real life.  There are many wonderful things in my life.  I have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend, family; but something has always felt like it was missing.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that what was missing was the sense of adventure I weave into stories, that are in movies.

I think it hits a lot of creative people.

My boyfriend mentioned to me that a friend of his says “Only boring people get bored”.  I have to disagree.  Normal people, people who don’t have stories running through their heads are less likely to get bored.  People who don’t create worlds, characters, magic; are less likely to get bored.  I get bored of life because real life seems mundane in comparison to what my mind can create.

I think this is why creative people are more prone to depression and suicide.  How can real life measure up to what you create in your mind?  It does get depressing when you realize that your life is far less interesting than the characters you write.  I’m constantly imagining, I always have.  I’ve always wanted to do something spectacular with my life; you know, like fighting pirates, aliens, being able to do magic.

I’m imaginative.  I love it and hate it.  I wouldn’t change it, ever.

Do you think that being imaginative leads to real life being boring?



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