Opus, One Year Blogging…

Hey all!

Guess what?  I missed my blog’s birthday!  Rants From a Starving Writer is now a year old!  40ish posts averages out to almost one a week.  Goal for this coming year: TWO a week, if not more!  I have another “Anime that’s Awesome” post.  I think I’ll try to be more…diverse? in my blogs.  Maybe doing a few series in my blogs, like the “Anime that’s Awesome” stuff.  I’ll also try to make some of them a little shorter!  I’ve noticed most of mine are close to 1000 words, if not more!

As for Opus?  Opus Crescendo is getting another name change.  My boyfriend complained and whined that “Opus Crescendo” makes no sense because a crescendo means something happened before it.  It doesn’t make sense as the first book of the series.  Which it is.  So it is now Opus Cadenza.  I initially avoided Opus Cadenza no matter how well it fit because there’s an AI in Opus Aria that goes by Cadenza.  However, none of the readers will be confused as Opus Cadenza is the first book…

I’m trying to debate if I want to do NaNoWriMo this year…I think I should.  I might delve into the pirate universe with NaNoWriMo this year.  Or I’ll go work with Cheshire.  Either way.

Expect the “Anime that’s Awesome” post sometime this week.




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