A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 1)

Hey all!  Everything is going well here, hope life is going well for all of you!  Running a rummage sale right now and I figured that I’d get a small blog post out while I’m sitting out here otherwise doing nothing.

Taekwondo is going well.  I’m trying to figure out when I want to test to my 2nd degree.  There isn’t any pressure on me to do so, its more that I want to.  But I want to make sure I deserve it before I got for it, you know?  When I tested to 1st degree I tested too early and didn’t perform the way I really wanted to on the test.  So I ended up not feeling like I deserved the belt.

I’m starting to notice that there are things that writers should remember.  You know, other than the basics of writing and stuff.  I’m sounding so eloquent today.  Must be the heat.

1. Always Keep a Notebook With You

Seems silly, right?  There have been so many times that I’m struck with genius ideas.  Awesome characters.  Awesome plotlines.  Just awesomeness.  Anyway, there have been enough times that I haven’t had anywhere to write down these ideas and then they’re lost forever.  Well, maybe not forever, but at least until I remember them.  Which can be a really, really long time.  As a side note, you should always have a writing utensil as well!  Writing down your ideas in blood, while really symbolic and interesting sounding, is probably pretty horrible in practice.

2. Try to Write a Little Every Day

Again, seems silly, right?  If you write a little bit every day, you get in the habit of it.  The creative juices should start flowing a little more easily.  Writing is as much about persistence as it is about talent and ideas.  Well, persistence + ideas.  Seriously though, if I had been following this advice, I probably would have finished up Opus Cadenza ( formerly: prior lives, opus crescendo) months ago.  This is kind of the lesson that NaNoWriMo and NaPoWriMo preach as well.  Write a little bit a day and magically you’ve got a novel!

3. Get in Your Character’s Head

Again, seems pretty silly to remind people of this.  But being in the character’s head is vital, even if the psychic distance in your story is pulled pretty far back.  You need to know how this character is going to react in situations (as the author, you should know how your morally ambiguous character is going to react!) otherwise the novel or short story won’t really succeed.

4. Don’t Get Too Far in Their Head

Seriously.  I’ve been deep inside my character Darien’s head since November.  I started noticing around ACen that I was acting more and more like she would in certain situations.  It came to a horrifying realization that my sparring for taekwondo has been affected!  Darien isn’t a fighter.  So my stiff defensive techniques make sense since I’ve been so far into her mind for so long.  All of this sounds crazy to non-writers.

This concludes “things to remember as a writer (part 1)”.  Part 2 will happen when I have some more ideas!



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