Reflections on Finishing Another Novel

Hey everyone!  I did it!  I actually finished another novel.  I don’t mean to show surprise there, I’m just excited that I did it.  Specifically, I finished it in the lobby of Lake Country Martial Arts while watching the Escrima class.  I went through a series of emotions, most being joy, and then, of course, the feeling that I had ruined another character’s life.  Poor Darien.  I currently have the novel out to my wonderful beta readers.  I’m very excited to read their comments on the novel, both positive and negative!  Negatives are almost more important, since they allow you to better revise a novel.

On the topic of good news, my good friend The Wonder Ninja got her paper accepted for a book!  This is very excited news!  I’m so very happy for her.

And now I’m going to work on revising Opus Aria a little bit.  Now that the continuity has changed a little, I know what I should be changing!

So my reflections on finishing a novel.

This novel was almost harder to finish than Opus Aria, Opus 1, whatever.  I was sitting on the end of it for quite a long time.  About a month or so.  I had known pretty much how it was going to end once the characters settled into the story and definitely once Stratton waltzed into it.

This novel also changed most of the continuity surrounding Opus Aria.  I have some extensive revisions to do to Opus Aria and I’m actually very excited about it.  Not only that, but a project my friend Lisa and  I are working on has also altered some of that continuity.  Aria has a twitter!  She also is currently residing in Nighty City.  Of which, if you’re into RPing…check out the Welcome to Night City forums.  Its not incredibly active right now, but all it needs is a few more dedicated players!

I ended up locking into a single song for most of the final scenes.  Vale Decem by Murray Gold.  Its from the Doctor Who soundtrack…look it up on Youtube.  Its a wonderfully sad piece of music.  It really suited the end of the novel.

But finishing this novel made me realize how very much I want to do something creative with my life.  I want to share my worlds, my characters, my writing.  My characters are very real to me and I want them to be real to other people.  I want people to see how these characters progress through their stories.

Also, for some crazy reason, finishing the novel has made me want to do a creative writing class, as in teach one.  Or some creative writing club.  This might pass after awhile, but I want to pass on my skills.  Its weird.

All in all, I’m absolutely thrilled that I finished another novel.  I have so much work ahead of me though.  I’m excited for this work, though.  I want to revise my novels.  Revision is one step closer to getting a literary agent.


Thanks everyone!



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