5 Things that Inspire Me

Hey all!  Things have been going pretty well in my neck of the woods.  Except that whole accidentally letting my iPod go through the washing machine.  Fortunately, it still works, for the most part.  It has to be in sequential mode.  It’ll work until I have enough spare money to actually fix it.

Taekwondo is going great.  The instructor training class is actually pretty fun.  Kind of like college, but with a few small children.  So not really like college…but it was still fun!  Also, the realistic self defense we did awhile ago was a blast.  Sometimes its hard to resist yelling “WHEEEEEEE” when you get picked up (literally), but the stress of the situation usually snaps your mind back into perspective.  It was a really fun exercise!  Magically, the stress made my knee strikes actually functional rather than tacked on the end of a combo.  It was a nice feeling.  Its comforting to know that you would be able to defend yourself if you need to.

This kind of deals with writing, right?  I’m attempting to branch out in my blogging a bit.  I’ve blogged on finding inspiration, but I’ve never really gone into specifics on what inspires me.  So we’re going to go into that today!  These aren’t in any particular order, just how I thought of them.1. The Night Sky

When I look up at the night sky I see possibilities.  I see millions of stars and know that there are even more that I can’t see.  While its not proven, I feel as though there must be life out there.  With so many millions of stars, so many chances for life, how could there not be?  The night sky makes me feel small and insignificant.  Its a feeling that makes me want to write, in general.  How can you look at the sky and NOT be inspired?

2. Martial Arts

The martial arts have always been an interest of mine.  I had wanted to do taekwondo or karate from about the age of six on.  Blame Power Rangers.  I didn’t get into it until the age of fourteen.  Why does it inspire me?  I’ve seen people go from barely being able to control a front kick to being able to break bricks.  Its inspiring to watch that transformation.  Also, having a background in the martial arts has given me a lot of insight in how to write fight scenes.   So watching people spar is also inspiration.  It helped me figure out how to have certain body types fight.  Taekwondo training is a constant state of inspiration for me.  To think, I used to be afraid to pull inspiration from my training.

3. Rainy Days and Thunderstorms

I don’t know about you, but there’s something amazing about how the planet renews itself through rain.  Rainy days have always been sources of inspiration for me, but more for poetry and not so much for novel writing or short stories.  The sounds rain makes, the sounds of thunderstorm.  They are inspiration for me.

4. Video Games

Specifically ones that have strong stories or beautiful graphics.  If a game is visually beautiful, I can usually pull some inspiration from it.  Just knowing that a computer made something so beautiful makes me feel confident that I can make something equally as beautiful.  If I play a video game with an amazing storyline, I want to write something amazing.  Of if there are amazing characters.  I suppose the applies to more than video games, but you know, books, web comics…etc.

5. Music

When I wrote the end of Prior Lives/Opus Crescendo/Opus Cadenza, I locked into one song.  Vale Decem by Murray Gold.  Why?  Because the song fit so well with the end that I had planned.  The song is eerie and sad; it is also chill-inducing.  After getting the song, it quickly became the second most played song in my iTunes.  Music quickly becomes emotional for me, it pulls out scenes for novels, for short stories.  It creates poems.

I’m sure I’ll think of more things that inspire me and then I’ll make another post!

What inspires you?

Thanks for reading!



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