Some NaNoWriMo Tips

So we’re seven days into NaNoWriMo now.  I’m sitting at 11,867 for my word count.  I did do some writing yesterday, but I’m so glad that I had that buffer in place!  I didn’t touch the document on Saturday.  Of which, the Video Games Live Concert was amazing.  We were second row, so we could see and hear everything really well.  Of course, I don’t think there was a bad seat in the house sound-wise.  So I really enjoyed the concert and will definitely be going back again.

We’re now considering seeing Fair to Midland in December.  I wholeheartedly support this decision.  Their music is amazing!  Even better is that they’re at The Rave in Milwaukee, which is an excellent venue.  I haven’t been in a few years, so it’ll be nice to go back.

We’re also considering going to Carroll University’s (College, whatever) Madrigal Dinner.  Its pricey, but well worth it for the delicious food.  Salad with hot bacon dressing? Yes please. And flaming pudding.  With rum sauce.  Not to mention a good friend of ours should be performing this year.  It would be nice to see him perform, its his senior year, so its his last time to be in the Madrigal.


Alright.  Day Seven.  By now the power you had from the start of the month is starting to wane.  By now you’re getting close to 10,000 words, which is a great feat!  By now the novel should be taking shape, you should have a better idea of where its going?  What if you don’t?  I will say I’ve never finished NaNoWriMo, so maybe I’m not qualified to give you tips on this.  I’ll do it anyway, though.  I have finished novels and while the deadline is shorter for this, the same principles apply.

Find Music that Helps you Write

Seems kind of silly, right?  I’ve found that if you don’t have the right music while you’re writing that it can be damn impossible to do any writing.  I was working with a different playlist yesterday so my friends wouldn’t have to deal with my completely Voltaire playlist and my writing was completely stunted.  Characters didn’t want to cooperate, plot didn’t want to move.  It sucked.  I did manage to get over 1,000 words written, but god it was like pulling teeth.  So!  Music!  It helps!  Find the music that works with your characters.  I’m enjoying writing with Voltaire music because its dark and funny and there’s a huge variety.  That might not work for your characters.  If you’re having trouble finding music, use something like or pandora (streaming radio sites).

Keep on Your Writing Schedule

This weekend I also broke my writing schedule.  I had been doing word sprints from midnight until about 1:30am (maybe 2 if I was doing really well).  Then I had been writing in the afternoon.  Once I hit a good stopping point (either a chapter break or just a good place to leave off) I would stop.  This weekend I changed that up.  I wasn’t doing my nightly word sprints and it felt weird.  I ended up doing most of my writing yesterday during the evening.  It just felt bizarre.  I think this might have kept me from being as productive as I had been during the first week.  So pick a schedule that works for you and stick to it!

Don’t Be Afraid to Deviate

My original plan mainly dealt with characters.  Nathaniel was the most fascinating out of them for a variety of reasons.  Celia was pretty cool, a nice everyman.  Cheshire was my wild card.  I originally thought that Celia and Nathaniel would have the best chemistry.  No…she and Cheshire have fantastic chemistry.  Though, really, it’ll probably end up being some strange sort of sharing thing.  Just don’t ask.  My point is that I’m deviating from the plan that Nathaniel would be the love interest.  I’m questioning that now.  Celia’s appearance has changed a little, she’s also far more shy than I thought she was.  Cheshire is starting to look more like Voltaire without facial hair.  Nathaniel is more tortured than I thought he would be.  Just remember that nothing is set in stone.


That’s all I’ve got for now.  I know I have more tips hiding somewhere in my mind…but these seem to be the most pertinent for this point of the month!  I hope everyone is doing well on their writing.

Happy Writing!



2 thoughts on “Some NaNoWriMo Tips

  1. Music! I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought that helped! Oh yeah!
    Anyway, I am so off! Oh my God! It’s amazing I’m still doing this. I love your tips and my favorite is when you say ” nothing is set in stone”. Love it! Because my characters (I’m finally getting them to actually be somewhat alive) are kind of I don’t know they are just sad, depressed, overly perky, slow, ghetto (lightly), and for some strange reason I am addicted to killing of a male character’s girlfriend… Hehe I know crazy right?
    Please don’t agree…
    But yes I got sick- *sad face* – last week and it just erased my imagination. I know, I know pitiful excuse and I probably should have tried harder. But it was soo hard and I was so sleepy!
    But wait! There is a bright side to all this complaining. I want from 1875 to 5857 and counting (I’m taking a short break). I know I’ll catch up because- well- I’m Amber I know how to meet a deadline.
    I’m gonna get back to the music while writing thing and see if it helps me focus a little more.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Music totally helps.

      Characters are…interesting creatures. I’m surprised at how tortured I end up making my characters…poor Cheshire. Somehow he’s stabler than he used to be…I’m not questioning it. Sometimes killing off a character is what needs to happen =P

      I’m sure you’ll be able to finish! I understand getting sick. I was trying to write when I had a nasty sinus infection. I was too tired to even think straight, I don’t know why I thought *writing* would be a good idea. It didn’t go well. That’s an impressive jump!

      You’re very welcome! I love writing posts like this – if they help me, maybe they’ll help someone else, right?

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