A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 3)

Hey all!  Happy holidays!  Sorry that I haven’t checked in for awhile.  That back injury I got was pretty troublesome.  I only just got the green light to kick things at taekwondo last week.  This is a busy time of year for everyone.

Anyway, I’ve been working diligently on the end parts of Convergence Point.  I’m not done yet, but I’m fine with that.  Partially because hand-writing it and typing it up later seems to be whats working best (blugh, I’ll expand on that later).

I have another Anime that’s Awesome post in the works.  This one dealing with Ouran High School Host Club.  I started it awhile ago, sometime around the back injury, hah.  It was a good way to keep me distracted when I was in severe pain.  I also ended up reading the manga at some point when I was at the boyfriend’s apartment (its a creative black hole there!).

On a final personal note, I’ve started playing Adventure Quest: Worlds.  Its a free online MMO that plays in the browser.  Fun little thing.

Moving On

I really like writing these kind of posts.  They come to me slowly.  There are a lot of things to remember as a writer, so I can do a lot of these posts.  I like being able to help people in my own weird way.

Find the Right Type of Pen

This seems like one of those silly things again, doesn’t it.  It isn’t, though.  I really hate writing with certain types of pens.  And I loathe writing with pencil, it gets all over my hands.  Ick.  One of my professors told us that you’ll find a type of pen that you really love and then it’ll be the only type you ever want to write with.  He’s right in so many ways.  I love writing.  I usually write on the computer.  But sometimes I switch to pen and paper, especially if I’m working on poetry.  When I switch to pen and paper, I’m working with a Pilot G2.  Its quick-drying gel ink, so it doesn’t smear everywhere.  They also have a very nice grip on them.  They come in a variety of colors, so I can use a different color for different days, different ideas, whatever.  The point is, you’ll end up liking pens and from then on, you’ll only want to write in that ink.  Its normal, don’t worry about it.

Writers are Different than ‘Normal’ People

I hate the word normal.  Its more of a social construct than actual truth, but lets just say there’s a normal.  By now, you, as a writer, have realized that you’re a bit different than the average person.  You see the world differently.  Instead of seeing scandal when you see a love triangle, you think of the dynamics and wonder how that might work in a story.  People look at you funny when you explain things that happen in your stories.  People look at you like you’re crazy when you explain that your characters feel like real people to you.  I suppose, its best to not let it get to you.  The fact that you see the world differently, that you pick up on little things that seem so insignificant to others, is what makes you able to write.  Sometimes its really hard to have people think you’re weird or look at you like you’re crazy, but I just like to think that they’re boring.  We’re awesome because we see the little things, because we create something wonderful from nothing.  Yay writers!

Don’t be Afraid to Listen to New Music

Seems silly.  But to me, writing and music are deeply entwined.  Music helps me write.  I recently started listening to Chameleon Circuit (a band that writes songs about Doctor Who.  Yes, I’m a huge nerd).  I didn’t expect to be so inspired by the music.  The song “The Doctor is Dying” is chilling.  Its beautiful and wonderful.  I would recommend it to people who are familiar with the series and people who aren’t.  Its just well-written music.  I also decided to try and listen to some Skrillex this week.  I was surprised, once again, that I was finding myself wanting to write.  Of course, this was making me want to write something entirely different than what “The Doctor is Dying” was making me want to write.  So ask your friends for music suggestions, ask random people on twitter, just start listening to new music and see where it takes you.  It could take you somewhere wonderful and unexpected.

Sometimes You Just Can’t Type It

This has been frustrating me to no end recently.  I was having so much trouble working with Convergence Point toward the end of November despite knowing exactly how I wanted it to end.  Every time I pulled up the document, I would sit and stare at it, maybe type a handful of words at a time.  This was a huge let down for me because I had been pulling 2000 word days early in the month.  I know what I’m capable of doing in a day, so you can understand my frustration.  Toward the middle of December, I started realizing that maybe typing wasn’t the right thing.  I busted out my trusty G2s and my notebook and the words started flowing again.  They haven’t stopped either.  In fact, I want to be writing Convergence Point right now, but I’m taking a break to write this and then crochet.  So the point is, sometimes a computer just doesn’t work.  At that point, bust out a notebook and do it old school.  A professor of mine would recommend trying a typewriter.  Just try something different.

Hope this helps everyone!  Once again, I hope everyone has a very happy holidays!



4 thoughts on “A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 3)

  1. I do the same thing, write my poetry. But I can’t seem to bring myself to pick up a pen because im a bit of a perfectionist and erase quite a bit. I definitely agree with you on music! I love this Russian band ( and I don’t speak a lick of Russian ) called Apocalyptica. Love them! And this guy named Oren Lavie; he has an interesting voice.

    • I scribble things out quite often, even when I’m writing with a pencil. I’m silly that way. Oooh, I like Apocalyptica as well 🙂 I’ve not heard of Oren Lavie, I’ll have to listen to some of his work!

      Hope your holidays were happy!

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