10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Starving Writer

Hey all, been awhile since I’ve posted anything.  I apologize for that.  I’ve been neck deep in revisions on Opus Aria.  I feel really strongly about this draft and will likely be submitting it to literary agents within the next month (read: when its finished).

I do have the idea of doing a web comic with my story characters…but I’m so awful at art that I need to find a style that suits what I’m capable of.  In all likelihood, this might be on the back burner for a bit, despite me having done some concept art.

So I thought it would be neat for me to start the new year with a simple “get to know the writer” blog.  I talk a lot about my writing projects, a lot about advice, why not do a quick and easy blog like this?  Lets ignore that today is February 1st and that its still January, okay?  I have no idea how January managed to fly by so quickly!

1.)  I wear glasses

And have since I was fourteen or fifteen.  The more interesting thing is that my vision has ‘flipped’ from me being near-sighted, to being farsighted, to just requiring a prescription for astigmatism.  My eyes can’t make up their mind!  I also tend to prefer thick frames in dark colors.  I look very nerdy when I wear them.

2.) I have freaky flexible joints

I learned this when I was at taekwondo.  When other people would be tapping out I was still standing, usually going “huh? oh, its supposed to hurt?  That’s interesting!”  Of course, I have some interesting risks that go with it.  There’s a reason the joint locks hurt.  Its a warning before something that really hurts happens.  Like breaking your elbow.  Also, I tend to dislocate my shoulders often and for stupid reasons.  Like when I was watching Inglorious Basterds.

3.) I love tattoos

I have three of them and plans for many more.  I have the word “love” on my right wrist, a Celtic knot on my left calf, and a blue crescent moon on my left hip.  My next tattoo will be on my right side and will deal with my writing.  Its part of The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe, with a quill and some ink droplets.  Edgar Allan Poe was one of the writers that got me stated in my writing.  It’ll either happen when I have enough money, or when I get published.  You know.

4.) I wear very little jewelry

This is another ‘because of taekwondo’ thing.  I’m not allowed any jewelry when I’m in class, so I usually don’t bother with any.  Especially earrings.  The idea of ripping one out during class really doesn’t appeal to me in any way, shape, or form. However, I do have a few necklaces that I love.  I have a Voltaire key pendant that I wear almost every day.  I have a blue/green scarab beetle charm on a necklace that I love.  Then I have a few pieces by Puerdemon that I wear quite often.

5.)  I like the band Cradle of Filth

While I’m mainly into symphonic/melodic metal, when I was in high school, one of my boyfriends was way into Cradle of Filth.  I ended up really liking it, especially when I listened to the lyrics.  I wouldn’t recommend them for everyone, but they work wonders when I’m stuck on a novel.  I think they’re classified as extreme metal.  I’ve seen them live before.  Great show.

6.) I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

And I don’t care what other people think about me liking it.  I have a blog post planned about it.  I also don’t care if other bronies think that I’m just jumping on the bandwagon of posts.  I think its a really neat show.  There’s a lot of humor in their for adults and its very reminiscent of the awesome cartoons that were on Cartoon Network when I was younger (Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab…)  I highly recommend it for anyone.

7.) I like reading fanfiction

I really do.  I like reading AU (author’s universe) fics as well as canon fics.  Though sometimes I get frustrated by the amount of talent some author’s possess.  Seriously, some of the stories I’ve read are so author’s universe that they might as well be original fiction.  I really like Harry Potter fanfiction, Glee fanfiction, and Pirates of the Caribbean fanfiction.  Though I will admit that there is a lot of really bad fanfiction to dig through to get to the gems.

8.) I am a huge fan of Koei games

Especially Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi.  They aren’t the hardest games in the world, but being able to mindlessly hack and slash your way through a horde of enemies can be very therapeutic.  I know I’ve mentioned the characters before in a few blogs.  I love the games.  I’ve also been meaning to try out Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.  Specifically the third game.  Because the third one has my favorite Gundam in it, Deathscythe.  (which proves I’m a huge nerd!)

9.) I crochet cute and geeky things

I’ve crocheted a turret from Portal…I’ve crocheted an Ood hat (Doctor Who).  I’ve crocheted many things!  I’m working on some MLP:FiM designs as well.  I think its fun, but it kind of takes backseat to my writing.  I wish I had more time in the day so I could make really cool and cute things.

10.) Penguins are my favorite animal

I love penguins.  I think they’re adorable.  I have a ton of penguin plushies.  ❤ Penguins!


Well, that’s all!  I have some ideas for some blogs, but I’ve got to keep up on my novel writing as well.



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