A New Idea for a Novel (Looking for Opinions)

ImageHey all! I hope that everything is going well for everyone.  My revision of Opus Aria is coming along quite well.  I only have a few chapters to go before I finish it out.  I’m excited and yet sad at the same time.  But mainly excited.

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I had a blast out at The Inferno on Saturday night.  It was great to dance and have a few drinks with good friends.  We’re probably going back next month as well.  Next month also has my boyfriend and I going to see Andrew WK at The Rave.  It’ll be a great show.  I’m really looking forward to it, even if it makes me nervous that we have to pick our tickets up at will call.

So I was talking to one of my friends on Facebook, when I started having an idea for a new novel.  I read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte when I was in college.  I loved the story, even if the class that I read it in was not my favorite.  I told my friend that I started writing my first novel when I was in that class.  He jokingly asked if my main character’s love interest had his wife locked up in his castle.  I laughed and said, no, I write science fiction for the most part.

Science Fiction.

Jane Eyre.

You can assume where my mind jumped next.

I want to write this novel no matter what, but it has to wait until I’ve finished a few revisions.  I’ve always liked the idea of playing with classic stories.  When I was younger I really enjoyed Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine, which re-imagines the story of Cinderella.  Its a great book and I would recommend it for almost anyone.

But I want to know what people think of this.  Science fiction Jane Eyre.  Is this a good idea? Is this a terrible idea?  Does it entirely depend on execution?

What story/book would you want to see re-imagined?



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