Reflections on Finishing a Revision

Hey everyone!  I have great news today.  I finished my current revision of Opus Aria.  I will be working on a kick-ass query letter this evening and preparing the manuscript for being submitted to literary agents tomorrow afternoon.  I also have the draft out to a few beta readers who will provide some feedback.

Taekwondo is also going well.  I’m unable to test for my 2nd degree this week, but I’m alright with it.  I’ll test next time, when I’m ready.

I’ve been reading George RR Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series.  I’m loving it.  I’m currently in Clash of Kings.  Reading his work makes me want to revisit some of the fantasy work I did back in high school!  I don’t think I could ever write fantasy as well as he does, but I’m just impressed that his work is making me want to try.


I didn’t write a blog when I finished writing Opus Aria the first time because I didn’t have this blog yet.  I was sad, but very happy.  I had been working on it for about six months and then I was just done with it for the time being.  But I was so happy and so proud that I had managed to finish writing a novel.  I had never done that before, so in that respect, Opus Aria will always be special to me.

I gave myself a lot of time between the last revision and this one.  Mainly because I was working on Prior Lives (which I finished in July).  Prior Lives changed a lot of things in Opus Aria.  It changed some of the rules of the universe.  It changed Aria’s parents.  It entirely changed Stratton’s role.  It was important for me to finish that draft before working on Opus Aria again.

I started by working on an outline.  After I did that, I rewrote some of my older chapters to fit my newer writing style.  Somethings were omitted, some things were added.  I hit a point where my old draft ended, so I used my original draft as a skeleton.  A lot of things were changed, but there were several things kept.

What I didn’t except was a resurgence of the emotions I felt the first time I had written Opus Aria.  I had given the novel plenty of time to sit, plenty of time for me to pull away from the draft so I could look at it objectively.  But it was like there was just a scab over it and rewriting the scenes ripped that scab off.  It was just as painful this time to write certain scenes.  More painful in some aspects.

I primarily listened to classical piano music at the end of the novel.  Before that I was listening to melodic metal.  And even before that I had Cradle of Filth on repeat.  Each fit in its own way.  Sometimes I wish I had never stopped playing piano.  Another part of me wants to take lessons again.

But it was absolutely wonderful to finish the revision.  I had been working on it for months.  I took a break in the middle of writing it for NaNoWriMo.  It was awesome to work on something that wasn’t Opus Universe related.  But finishing this revision reaffirmed that I’m doing the right thing with my life.  I love creating worlds and characters.  I just hope other people will love my work as much as I love creating it.

Next on my plate is to outline Prior Lives and finish up writing Convergence Point.  Then a new draft of Prior Lives and maybe onto a new project after it.  I’ll want another break from the Opus Universe after I write the next draft of Prior Lives.  Opus Requiem and Opus Whatever (Crescendo?) will have to wait for a bit.

Hope everyone is doing well!




3 thoughts on “Reflections on Finishing a Revision

    • They really are. I’m happy about finishing, but its sad to be done working with these characters for awhile. I feel the same way about finishing the first draft of a novel.

      At the same time, this means I get to work on my other projects again.

      What have you been working on? 🙂

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