Rejection Number One

Hey everyone!  Things are going pretty well in Starving Writer Land.  As I said in my previous post, I finished my latest revision on Opus Aria.  I am proud of what I’ve written and have decided to start submitting it to literary agents.  I’ll get back to that point in the main part of this post.

I helped out at taekwondo this weekend at a black belt test.  I am confident in my abilities now and I’m deciding that I will be testing to 2nd degree at the next test.  I wish I had been able to this weekend, but I’m okay with waiting.

I’m working on getting my work into cloud storage.  I use, which is a wonderful program.  I would use it more as an actual word processor if it had the option for italics.  I use italics a lot, especially in the Opus books.  Italics denote when something is said in one’s mind (like when speaking to an AI).  My desktop is almost completed.  Yay!


As I said before, I started submitting to literary agents this past week.  Its a very exciting and pretty tedious process.  I didn’t think writing a synopsis would be so difficult.  It took me most of yesterday to write it.Anyway, I submitted to a few literary agencies on Thursday or Friday.  The ones that only required query letters and excerpts versus a full synopsis.  Most of the agencies list a time frame for their response.  Most say about a month or more.  The quickest I saw listed was a week.  So I was very surprised to see a response sitting in my inbox on Saturday evening.

I held my breath.  It was unlikely to say yes, but you never know, I could be lucky.

I opened the email and read it.  It was very polite and said that the project wasn’t right for them.

I was disappointed, but fine.  The worst thing a literary agent can say is no.  Which, yes, they did say no.  If anything, them saying no makes me more determined.  I’m sure its the first of many nos.  But as they said, it only takes one yes.

Who else has dealt with rejection?

I will be doing some more regular blogs.  I still have that planned Anime that’s Awesome.  I might do some Manga that’s Magnificent or something like that as well.  I also have an Avoiding Bad Fanfiction post in the works.



5 thoughts on “Rejection Number One

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  2. You know, you can actually do italics in Yarny. Just put *one* set of italics around what you want to be in italics. Then when you export (and include formatting) or share your writing, the italics will be visible.

    Also you can use **two** sets of asterisks for bold, or even ***three*** for both bold and italics.

    • Thank you for the comment!

      I think I remember that being in the works, but last I had checked, it hadn’t been added. I’m thrilled to pieces – I really love working in Yarny!

      Thanks again!

  3. I just hope you don’t let rejection bring you down too much. It brings me down sometimes and on top of that it’s hard for me to motivate myself so yeah! – don’t take it too seriously ( why am I telling this you probably already know . . .). I love how you’re dealing with the dreaded nos now and wish you the bestest of luck for the future.

    • I’m trying not to. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I’ve accepted that I’ll hear ‘no’ a lot, hehe.

      Don’t get too down on yourself 🙂

      Thank you for the good luck wish, I wish the very same to you.

      Thanks for the comment ^_^

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