A Couple Things to Remember as A Writer (Part 4)

Hey everyone! I like doing these posts.  They’re super fun.  I get to share my writer experiences and hopefully help people with their writing ‘problems’.

I didn’t realize that my asthma was acting up at taekwondo today.  Until it started to hurt when I was breathing.  I should have listened and taken a hit off of my inhaler.

Most of yesterday was spent reading fanfiction that I linked to in my post.  I really enjoy the Pirates of the Caribbean one.

I’m also making good progress through the Game of Thrones books.  I’m currently in Storm of Swords and loving it.  I’ve heard rumors that the next two books aren’t as good, but I would like to judge for myself.  I can’t wait to see the next season of the TV show either.

Moving On…

I do hope that these posts are helpful.  I enjoy writing them, especially since them seem a little silly at times.  If other people can avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made when I’ve writing, then I’m happy.  I might have to slow down on them for awhile, though.  They take awhile to formulate.

Set Goals for Yourself

Not deadlines, just goals.  Have a goal to write x amount of new stories this year.  Have a goal to get your documents organized.  Goals seem nicer than deadlines.  Use the goals to help you achieve your deadlines.  And when you achieve these goals? Reward yourself!  When I finished my revision of Opus Aria, a good friend and I went out to Webb’s for some celebratory food.  It was awesome – maybe that’s because I hadn’t been eating much that day.  I had been a bit distracted.  Anyway, yes. Goals.  One of my goals for the year is to get two or three new novels started/completed.

Find Inspiration in Your Life

One of the most common tips for writing is ‘write what you know’ – except that what most of us know is really boring.  Despite that, there is inspiration everywhere.  Your friends might hold characters.  That girl you don’t like might become a nice antagonist.  Listen to music, watch TV, there is inspiration everywhere.  The way someone speaks, the way the sun is shining through a window.  Though, if you’re drawing inspiration from TV, you might want to be sure to really make the concept your own.  Whenever I feel the urge to write fanfiction, I twist the idea until I have something that barely resembles the media it came from.  But yes.  Inspiration.  Its everywhere.

Keep Your Writing Organized

I am one of the most disorganized people ever.  My music folders aren’t really organized well.  Pictures aren’t organized.  Writing?  Super organized.  You want to be able to find the piece you want to work on without any trouble.  Between my writing folders and yarny.me, its very easy for me to find what I’m working on.  So if you’re like me and are super disorganized, just keep your writing in order.  I promise it will make you feel better.  Also! Start thinking of putting your important work into cloud storage! (of course, backed up in at least two other ways)

When Writing a Novel…Remember to Add in Chapter Breaks

The past two years I’ve done NaNoWriMo.  The first year I had everything separated by day.  The second year I at least separated by scene.  I’m getting ready to revise that first piece and found that the lack of chapter breaks was really annoying.  I had no idea where I wanted them to.  All I wanted to do was outline the chapters and get to writing the new draft.  Not so much.  I had to go through the whole manuscript and add in where I wanted the chapter breaks to be.  And I suspect that some of them will change.  There are some really long chapters.  Convergence Point also has chapter breaks now.  The reason I recommend adding them as you write?  Its really annoying to go back and have to add them in.

Happy writing everyone!



7 thoughts on “A Couple Things to Remember as A Writer (Part 4)

  1. pogomonster,
    gotta keep that grounded and boring too. Knew a guy what made up tidal charts… for a system with three moons. Grounded. Boring. Sensible.
    Magic too ought to be sensible, a system with rules — even if they’re practically unfathomable to people inside the system (ala Kulthea)

    • Kim,

      Yes, of course. I understand what you’re getting at now. Of course I include the details as well, they’re what make things more believable for the reader. Though I’m not sure its boring so much as necessary for the story. If you don’t have that level of detail, sometimes its very hard to believe the world.

      Yes, I do include limits in magic/psychic powers. Without limits, you get characters god-modding and that’s no fun.

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