NaPoWriMo Day 10 (And Some Catch Up)

I fell a little behind on NaPoWriMo this weekend.  My excuse was that I was puking my guts out on Sunday and recovering on Monday.  So I wrote three poems today.  I only really like one of them.

[My prince doesn’t wear]

My prince doesn’t wear
shining armor. His face
is burnt like bacon.
He has no honor, tearing
into any foe with the
ferocity of a starving dog.


[You come to me]

You come to me
in my sleep.
Dark tendrils
soft as satin
into my mind.


This final one I used the prompt of the day for.  “Our prompt for today comes from a quote usually attributed to T.S. Eliot: Good poets borrow; great poets steal. You can learn all about what Eliot actually said here. But let’s stick to plain old stealing today by writing poems with their first lines lifted from other poems. You can pick a favorite poem of yours to take a line from. If that doesn’t appeal, famous sonnets are always a good way to go. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day, perhaps? Maybe try a little “biblomancy” — get a big book of poetry, an anthology for preference, and open it randomly and use the first line from a poem on the page you hit upon. That’s a good tactic if you don’t want to be too influenced by the poem you’re working from — it can be hard to write a completely different poem using a line from a piece you know well. Anyway, happy thieving!”

So here is the poem.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing that these dreams would just vanish like ice on a hot day.  Ravens fly through a dark sky, bruises upon bruises.  I climb a tree to touch their feathered wings that sparkle like hypodermic needles.  But I am falling, falling so fast, into dreamlike clouds that shred like paper and slice into my skin.


Only a little creepy for that last poem.  But I love it.



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