A Wild Book has Appeared!

I apologize for the delays in posting…my only excuse is that I had been formatting hard copies for my book, Opus Aria.

Wait, hard copies?  LOOK WHAT ARRIVED TODAY!

Doesn’t it look beautiful?  I might have danced around the house like a loon when it arrived.  Seriously.  Prancing, dancing, and otherwise acting like someone who belongs in a padded cell.

So this is only the proof of the book.  The hard copies will be available by Monday, I think. I have to go through the proof and see if I find any formatting mistakes or typos or whatever looks wrong.  You know.  The usual stuff.

Now for some shameless self promotion…

You can follow me on facebook as well!  I have an author page!  LL Lemke is the name of the page and it will have mini-updates.

ALSO! I have a tumblr!  I’m being oh-s0-creative and calling it Rants from a Starving Writer – Tumblr Edition!  You should go follow me on there – especially if you’re a writer. I need to find some writing tumblrs to follow…right now I’m mainly following stuff that deals with The Avengers…

So that’s today’s big news.  The proof of my book is here and I really can’t express how awesome it is to HOLD a copy of your book.

I’m off to dance around the house like a crazy person and proof this book.

~LL Lemke


9 thoughts on “A Wild Book has Appeared!

  1. Congratulations! I can’t begin to imagine how awesome that must feel. So are you going the route of buying a bunch of copies and then selling them by hand, or are you hoping for mostly online sales?

    • Thank you! It really is an awesome feeling. Hence the prancing around the house.

      Probably a little bit of both, I think. Buying and selling myself might have the highest profit, but there is ease in selling online. (highest profit there goes through the createspace webstore…)

      Thank you for the comment.

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