My First Ever Contest!

Hey all!  I mentioned in my last post that I was considering doing a fanart contest.  I decided that it was a good idea.  I really like the idea of this.  I can’t draw very well, so I love seeing how artists represent my characters.  Also, my birthday is next month, so it would be like a bunch of birthday presents too.  And I think today is my 2 year anniversary of starting my blog…so the contest is because of that too.  Because I say so.

I will give descriptions of the characters as necessary.

Rules and Stuff

1. Must use characters from the book Opus Aria.

2. Try to keep submissions safe for work. I check my email in public places.

3. All forms of art are accepted – this includes fanfiction if you are so inclined!

4. Anyone who steals artwork will be immediately disqualified.

5. It is perfectly fine for you to draw your original character with one of the Opus Aria characters – just remember that this contest is for Opus Aria!

6. Deadline: July 31st, 2012.  That gives you a little over a month

7. Send submissions to with the subject “Opus Aria Fanart Contest”   (if you have a deviantART, I am posting it there as well.)

Throughout the month, I will upload the pictures to my facebook fanpage so people can see your awesome artwork and I can better keep track of everything.  I will be judging the pictures along with some non-participating friends.  Winners will be announced in early August, prizes will be shipped out after I receive addresses.  I strongly encourage people of all skill levels to enter!

The Prizes

The top two entries will receive signed copies of the book FOR FREE.  I will write whatever dedication you want in it as well.

I hope I get a lot of entries.  I’m super excited for this.

~LL Lemke


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