Vlog 5: Rambling with a Guest


2 thoughts on “Vlog 5: Rambling with a Guest

  1. Great vlog once again. I think having a guest blogger was a great idea, it made 20 minutes fly by. And thanks for the mention. πŸ™‚

    I’ll occasionally tabletop RPG with my friends. Sometimes Star Wars, but most recently World of Darkness. I find it a fun way to get characters started, though I’ve had characters accidentally perish in the heat of battle. Those are sad times, sad times indeed.

    • Thanks! I figured since she was there we might as well have some fun – we had no intentions of letting it get to 20 minutes – but we went off on some awesome, awesome tangents. You’re very welcome for the mention!

      This was my first time playing tabletop! I’ve been playing some text RPs with my friends, but had never ventured into the tabletop ones. It was a blast – and I’m glad she let me play Loki. Even if they tried to kill me right away. There’s also a Shadowrun game running too – I’m not involved in that one (I really enjoy watching it).

      But yeah, RP is a great way to start characters and sometimes develop them πŸ™‚

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