Time Flies

Hey all.  Sorry about the extended absence – things really aren’t going so well in my home life.  I don’t think I mentioned it in any of my vlogs or other blogs, but my grandmother moved in for home hospice care.  I’ve barely had time for my NOVEL writing much less any blogs or vlogs.

I’m under a monumental amount of stress in every aspect of my life and I honestly don’t feel happy most of the time.  I sound so whiny when I phrase it like that, but it’s really true. I hate being at home right now. It’s depressing and stressful.

So I don’t know if my next novel is going to be coming out in December. I might have to push it back because no one seems to understand that having me be a helper all the time has really, really stunted my writing.  I’ve barely written anything since August.  Maybe 3,000 words?


I’m on a bit of a hiatus.  If there are blogs or vlogs…yay.  But please don’t expect much.  I can’t promise anything.

LL Lemke


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