My Top Five Writing Songs

musicHey all!  Like I said in my video, I’m trying to be more consistent in my vlogging AND blogging.  I can give all the excuses I’ve been spewing for the past few months, but it’s time to work past all that and start making posts again.

December is flying by me already.  Hard to think that the Mayan Apocalypse will be on us in two weeks time.  Not that I believe we’re going to die.  Won’t my face be red if we actually do.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a great deal of RP writing the past few days.  But I did start work on Opus Prelude again…and that makes me so happy.  BECAUSE I’ve been doing so much RP writing…I’m going to link to the places I play most often.  Aces in Exile.  We are a non-canon Dragonriders of Pern website.  We have a very friendly community and we’re always looking for new players.  So if you love writing and love dragons…why not stop by?  The other place I play is on tumblr.  This is my page.  Come check it out!

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Music has always been something that helps me with my writing.  I’m not hugely picky about what I listen to while I’m writing so long as it helps me write.  I’ll listen to instrumentals, I’ll listen to symphonic metal, I’ll listen to classic rock…I’ll listen to basically everything but country or rap.  Depends on the song though.  Anyway, music has always helped me with writing, be it for writing papers, poetry, or novels.  So I’m going to list my top five writing songs for you guys and try to give some reasoning behind why they help.  This could get interesting.  I’m also listing them in no particular order.

Hell March by Frank Klepacki


Hell March is from Command & Conquer: Red Alert.  I haven’t actually played the game yet – but I love the song to pieces.  The boyfriend introduced me to the song. This is a song I put on when I need to get stuff done.  It just makes me want to get ALL the things done.  There might be a distinct possibility that I’ll be throwing it onto a playlist when I start writing Opus Requiem.  I think it just suits what I’ll have going on during that novel.  This song just drives you forward.  It makes me want to keep writing, keep working.  I’ve used it specifically when I’ve been writing fight scenes or other sorts of action scenes.  I’m also listening to it right now.

Show Me the Way by Elis

Elis - Show Me The Way

Show me the Way is a song that I found on while listening to Kamelot radio or something like that.  I ended up falling in love with the song because it was great for writing the original draft of Opus Aria.  It was a song that I used to define the relationship between Aria and Piano.  Awesomely, this song works great with other bits of my writing too.  I think the driving beat in the song helps me keep writing.  Keeps the work going forward.  What can I say?  I’m really fond of metal and rock so I like songs with driving beats.  Since finishing Opus Aria, I’ve used this song in a number of situations from fight scenes to big revelations.  It’s a great song and I highly recommend it.

Luna (Dream Mode) by Super Pony Beats


I actually started loving Luna (Dream Mode) before I watched the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show.  My roommate at the time was looping it over and over because she loved it so much.  She was switching between this and the Glee mashup of Umbrella and Singing in the Rain.  Anyway, I fell in love with the song because it made me want to write.  I can’t remember what I was working on at the time, but the song wormed it’s way onto my NaNoWriMo 2011 playlist.  It has a dreamy feel to it…and it has a longing in it that makes it nice for writing.  It’s a song that I’ve used for all sort of scenes and situations.  Don’t judge because it’s technically a pony song – it’s great and it’s one that you can’t even tell is from My Little Pony.

Ex-Lover’s Lover by Voltaire


This was a song that I had heard way back in high school – but didn’t realize it at the time.  So, last year I saw Voltaire in concert.  In ‘preparation’ for the concert,  I looked up a bunch of his music and ended up loving this song.  I mean, it features cello heavily.  Everyone loves the cello!  …right?  Anyway, this song has been integral in writing some of my darker scenes…I think I was listening to it heavily when I wrote the torture scene in Convergence Point.  I’ve always preferred darker music for writing and this song is dark.  Either way, this song has been fantastic for writing darker scenes and some fight scenes.

Goodbye My Dear Friends by


The boyfriend introduced me to this song I don’t even know when anymore.  A while back.  I really love this entire album…so it was hard to choose a single song.  It was a toss up between this and Skin and I think Goodbye My Dear Friends has been a little better for writing.  When I was working on the end of Opus Prelude the first time around, I sent the boyfriend a message saying that I think this song really fits the ending.  I love the vocals, I love the guitars, and I love the fact that it includes piano.  Clean vocals with heavy guitar.  It’s one of my favorite things ever.  I’ve used this song while writing epic scenes, while breaking characters…for basically everything.


So these are some of my favorite songs for writing.  I suppose they are a top 5, but as usually, picking a top 5 is way harder than it seems.

What sort of music do you listen to when you write?

~LL Lemke


2 thoughts on “My Top Five Writing Songs

  1. Good grief, those songs are intense! They’re far too intense for me, I’m afraid. I mostly listen to K-Pop when I write — the best part is the lyrics don’t distract me because, of course, I can’t understand what they’re saying since they’re speaking in Korean 🙂

    • I have a tendency to love intense music :D. K-pop is lovely too, just not always what I need for writing, you know? I’ve never had a problem with lyrics while I’ve been working on my writing.

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