Some Awesome Fanfics

i_love_fanfiction_t_shirtp235254681335718925qz00_400Hey all!  Things are going pretty well in Starving Writer Land.  I had a migraine earlier today, which sucked.  But some extra sleep, some pain killers, and some tea have helped.  I feel less like death and more like a bus ran me over.

I’ll take that as a small victory.

Today has mainly been spent working on a present for my female British brother (best not to ask).  I’m almost done.  I should be able to get them in the mail tomorrow.  They have a long way to go.  I do hope they get there before Christmas…but if they don’t, I know she’s okay with it.

I also played some Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun.  I’ll say this…I’m really not the best at real time strategy games.  But I’ve been loving the game – it has a fascinating story.  I’m either crazy efficient or crazy inefficient in my strategies.  All I can say is that Anton Slavik is a bad ass.  And so is Kane.  But we already knew that Kane was a bad ass.

So, most people that know me in person know that I have a fondness for fanfiction.  It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.  I read it when I want to ignore the rest of the world.  Sometimes it helps me feel better when I’ve been depressed.  Because I’ve grown so fond of fanfiction, I figured I’d feature some of my favorites.

The Magic of Torchwood

I’ve mentioned this particular fanfic before…way back when I was talking about how to avoid bad fanfiction.  The Magic of Torchwood features both Harry Potter and Torchwood.  In general, crossover fics are not my favorite thing in the world.  But this one is done quite interestingly.  The Torchwood team gets de-aged – which is hilarious in it of itself; and then get sent back in time to when Harry and company were in their third year.  You can imagine that things get interesting from there.  By virtue of being there, the Torchwood team changes what happens in the Harry Potter universe.  It has both humor and drama and manages to meld the two fandoms into something unique and interesting.  It’s rated T for those who care.  It is incomplete, but is possibly the most consistent fic I’ve encountered for weekly updates.

I will be sad when the story ends, but I look forward to each new chapter.

Funny That Way

This is an Avengers/Thor fic.  I’m a bit of a Loki fangirl (because I have a thing for villains), so I was looking for good Loki fanfiction for awhile.  I will tell you – finding good Avengers fanfiction is difficult.  I’m pretty sure this was the first Loki/Darcy pairing I read…and I ended up loving it.  Funny That Way takes place post-Avengers with Loki having last minute switched sides.  Granted, no one really trusted him anyway.  Still, Miss Darcy Lewis (Jane’s assistant from Thor) decides to approach him at a party.  Things go downhill from there.  There is a great deal of humor as well as a great deal of drama.  To me, the characters are still what they were.  Just imagine Loki as a ‘good guy’ versus a ‘bad guy’.  I will warn…this fanfic is rated M for reasons.  If you don’t like smut, don’t read it.

Life Through Sea Green Eyes

This is a Hunger Games fanfiction written by the lovely Michelle Proulx.  Life Through Sea Green Eyes follows Finnick Odair’s life.  It starts immediately before the reaping of HIS Hunger Games and ends after Mockingjay.  It fills in a lot of the gaps in his story and I really like it.  When I read the Hunger Games trilogy, I found myself wanting more backstory on some of the other characters – especially Finnick.  For those who weren’t fans of how Finnick’s story came to an end in the actual novels, read this fanfic.  I love her solution for what happened with him.  The story, as a whole, gives Finnick a lot more depth.  Keep in mind that this is Hunger Games fanfiction – and thus has some brutal moments in it.  It is rated T!

Keitorin Asthore

Alright.  So this isn’t so much of a fic as it is a fanfic author.  Keitorin Asthore‘s work is amazing.  Well, her work in the Glee universe is.  I haven’t read any of her other work; I’m sure that the work is lovely though.  So…recently I’ve found myself becoming disenchanted with Glee.  I loved the first two seasons.  The third season was okay.  I’m meh about this season.  Her writing keeps me interested in the series.  She mainly works with Kurt and Blaine – but does work with other characters as well.  She has many different universes as well.  It’s all very well written.  Her works varies from cute and funny to a lot of drama.  She even takes requests on her tumblr!

Memories of May

This is one of my all-time favorite fanfictions.  Memories of May takes place in the Pirates of the Caribbean universe.  It features Barbossa and an original character.  This fic takes place before Barbossa has the Black Pearl – well before the movies happen.  The author put an incredible amount of research into the fanfiction.  Her original character is a female doctor – who really did have to prove her worth.  I’m usually not a huge fan of first person narratives – but this one pulled me in.  The author does a few other stories within this series – but they are incomplete.  I’m patiently awaiting for updates on her other fics.  The fic is rated T and the author is very specific to keep smut in separate stories.

In conclusion…

These are just a few of my favorites.  Or ones I’ve read ‘recently’.  I’m always looking for more fanfictions to read – so if you know some good ones, give me a recommendation!

~LL Lemke


4 thoughts on “Some Awesome Fanfics

  1. I opened up this post because I saw Fanfiction in the title, and I love fanfiction. And then I saw you’d mentioned my story! Squeeeee! Sorry, I get really excited when I run into people who’ve read something I’ve written, especially something I’m really proud of like Life Through Sea Green Eyes. So thanks for the mention 😀

    In terms of fanfiction you might enjoy … I swear I wrote a post about my favourite fanfics. Hang on …

    Just scroll down a bit to find the links to my 3 all-time favourite HP fanfics. I recommend starting with Draco Malfoy the Amazing Bouncing Rat because it is beyond hysterical. Happy reading!

    • It’s no problem! I really loved Life Through Sea Green Eyes – I think I’ve read through it two or three times now? I like re-reading things…

      Yay! Thank you for the recommendations! I

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