A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 5)

typewriterHey all! As most of you know, this starving writer lives in Wisconsin which is currently getting nailed by a pretty large snowstorm named Draco (I giggled so much when I found out our storm’s name.  I promise I’m a mature adult.)  So things are snowy and white and look positively Christmas-y out here.

I’ll come back to the snow later.

I wanted to take a second to have a shout out to one of my college professors.  BJ Best – poet and college professor.  He has his own WordPress blog now for promoting his upcoming poetry books.  Go check it out! I’m really looking forward to his poetry book “But Our Princess is in Another Castle.”  Mainly because I’m a big geek.  And I like poetry. That big geek thing too.

I’m still debating on the teaching abroad thing… but I’m leaning toward it.  It sounds like a fantastic opportunity.  My main concerns would be, you know, being away from everything I care about for a year. And the fact that I’m pretty shy and have some anxiety issues.

Moving On…

I love writing these little posts.  I don’t know if they actually help anyone, but I like doing them!  I can only hope they aren’t too annoying.  I should also learn to write shorter posts.  Seriously.  Most of mine are over 800 words.

Read. A Lot.

So…this seems like some of the most basic advice I’ve ever given.  But I’d forgotten about it.  Doesn’t that seem so stupid? Forgetting to read?

Well, it happened for various reasons.

Anyway, after I read The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde in July I had a huge spike in creative energy.  I wanted to write ALL THE THINGS.  But then things got depressing for awhile and I didn’t want to write anything.  Last week, I read Looking for Alaska by John Green.  I’ve been feeling super creative since then.  For me, it seems that reading renews my creative juices. It inspires me…it always has.  So…read often.  Renew those creative juices often.

In retrospect, maybe this is why it was so easy to write in college.  I was always doing a lot of reading.

Experiment with New Ideas

Part of the reason that National Novel Writing Month was so exciting to me this year was because I was working with a different concept than normal.  For the most part, I’ve been writing science fiction (though my ideas are all over the place).  While there were still a ton of science fiction elements to the story I was writing…it was primarily urban fantasy.  The characters weren’t entirely aware of the science-y bits…and that made it different and unique.  Also, there was a ghost.

Working with something different was wonderful and I have every intention of finishing that novel some day.

And since I’ve been feeling so creative…I actually have a really different idea to work with.  I might start shaping it after I shovel some more.

Try New Things!

So…for the longest time I was resistant to the idea of text roleplaying.  It never really interested me.  And then two friends made a site based in Dragonriders of Pern (which I haven’t read any of the books).  I love dragons.  I want a dragon in real life.  It would be awesome to have a dragon in real life!

So I joined the site.

Since then, I’ve learned more about some of my original characters (including Aria, Jinto, Cheshire, and Stratton).  I’ve also had two brand new characters fall into my lap.  Quentin and Xenia.  Quentin is a girl, by the way.  I’ve gotten better at writing reactions and figuring out how certain characters would react in certain situations.

I’ve also expanded to playing on tumblr, which is interesting.

So…try new things!


This is my after doing some of the shoveling earlier.

Hope everyone is doing well!

~LL Lemke


4 thoughts on “A Couple Things to Remember as a Writer (Part 5)

  1. Nice to meet you, LLLemke. You’re so young, my goodness, go abroad!! I would give anything to have had such an opportunity. I never got the 4 year degree, and many positions I wanted were closed to me because of that. I will be able to retire in 3 years-no money but finally, time to write and make art! I have always been poor, so what’s more “being poor” when it comes with more TIME?

    Seriously, go abroad. Make sure you research potential teaching jobs so you don’t end up stranded somwhere. I’m sure there are people who can help you with that. I did have a friend who taught in Japan for a couple of years. She came back to marry the love of her life, but she sighs and gets all misty-eyed when she talks about her time in Japan. No, she didn’t make much money, and she was shocked at the cost of things there, but she loved the culture, the lansdscapes, the history (little of which we are taught in our Western schools) and she is a much richer person for it. I think she and her husband will go back one day. She still has friends there-thanks to the wonderful Internet!

    Sorry this reply is so long btu you struck a chord. Keep writng, little bird, and let your dragons keep you safe.

    • Nice to meet you too! Time to make art and write is the best time – even if it doesn’t make a lot of money. I’m also poor, so I understand!

      The nice thing is that you get contracted into a job with most of the services I’ve bee looking at. They place you in a school and you work there for a year. I’ve specifically been looking into teaching in South Korea.

      I just have to save up money and stop worrying about being away from my loved ones for a year.

      Thanks for the very long comment!

      And the notion of letting my dragons keep me safe strikes a chord with me… I once wrote a poem called “Inner Dragon” or something like that.

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