Bookshelf Tour

Hey all!  Things are going great in in these parts.  Christmas was lovely – it was nice to spend time with family.  There were some really surprising gifts – like getting Catherine the video game from my aunt.    I essentially put it on my list for the hell of it.  I thought I’d end up buying it when it was on some super duper awesome sale.  Or borrow the boyfriend’s copy.  Either way!

Anyway, today’s post is going to be a bit shorter – just some pictures of my book shelves and all my books.  Well, most of my books.  Some of them are ‘missing’ and others weren’t in a good spot to photograph.

I really need more bookshelves.

100_6318Here we have one of my bookshelves.  I’m not a huge fan of this style of shelving because of the necessity to have book ends.  I’m cheap, so books become my book ends.  I’ll probably end up moving that Shakespeare anthology to a different shelf.  In my opinion, it is a bit too big for this particular shelf.

100_6315Another shelf that requires bookends.  Still cheap.  This shelf mainly has my Redwall books and my Little House books.  Don’t judge.  My grandmother got me the Little House books when I was younger and they’re classics.  There’s a few random books up on the left – Phantom of the OperaBreakfast with the Ones You Love, and Neverwhere.  Yes.  I have stars on my ceiling.  They’re awesome.

100_6316My only shelf with book ends!  They are stylish Nightmare Before Christmas ones too!  The only reason I have them is because my sister gave them to me for Christmas when I was in high school.  This shelf mainly has my Amelia Atwater-Rhodes books and my Chuck Palahniuk books.  Again, there are some random ones hiding in there too.  Cameo by my curtains.  They are black and they block out the sun.

I adore them.



My super awesome bookshelf!  This has a lot of my bigger books on it.  My entire Harry Potter collection, PKD, and some of my hardcover ones.  As you can tell, a lot still need to find their homes.  The second shelf is ALL video games and DVDs, so I didn’t take a dedicated photo of that.  I’m a nerd.  Also, I love penguins and that one on the shelf is one of many.



Books that don’t fit in my room!  As well as SPORE and some duct tape.



Some more that don’t fit in my room yet.



Even more books that up until about an hour ago didn’t have a home.  These vary from recent purchases to books I’ve had for years but read recently and thus they were taken off of a shelf.  Yes, the books are on my bed.  Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde is the book that I am currently reading.



Part 2 of the books on the bed. There’s a little bit of everything in there.

100_6314Part 3!  LOOK AT ALL THOSE BOOKS.

And there are even more that aren’t in these pictures.  Mom will never be right though.  I’ll never have enough books.  Maybe if I have a few libraries…

Most of the books on the bed found their way onto a shelf this evening.  My main issue is that two of my shelves are extremely difficult to reach.  What you can’t see from these photos is that my room is an absolute mess.  I hate cleaning my room and it shows.  What you also can’t tell is that I don’t have a bed frame – so my bed is on the floor.  My bed has to be in a certain spot for me to reach all of my book shelves – and the floor needs to be clear for me to move my bed.

I don’t honestly know if I have enough shelf space for all of my books.

~LL Lemke







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