What’s Been Going On

WRITERatworkHey all!  I have a nasty habit of disappearing off the radar for weeks at a time, don’t I?  I assure you, this time it was for a great reason!  But we’ll get to that soon.

Things have been going well in my neck of the woods.  I’ve been crazy busy with my writing – which is great.  It’s nice to feel the words coming easier again.  Writing has been relatively difficult since October.  Now things are starting to feel a bit more natural.

I’ve been doing well at taekwondo as well.  We’re going to start tournament training soon – which is exciting.  It’s nice that tournament season is kicking up again!

I should also start some basic preparation for Anime Central.  I’m pretty sure my items are going to be at the table – so I should have some of my more popular items (cthulhu hats, paw print arm warmers… the like) in stock!

It’s also weird to be thinking of summer programs to be run at the taekwondo school – but we’re already doing so.  We’re planning on running the Young Writer’s Workshop again.  I had a small, but dedicated group of kids this past summer.  I’m thinking of breaking it into two separate groups this time.  Maybe age 6-9 and then 10 and up?  I’m not sure on the actual age break down yet.

abna-badge_250So.  This is what I’ve been busy with.  The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.  About three days after I posted my last blog, I started work on my submission for this contest.

I was a bit of a doofus this year.

Upon my first read of the rules, I thought I needed a pitch and an excerpt.  VERY MUCH WRONG.  I needed a complete manuscript too.  So I was scrambling to write an entire novel in less than a month.


I was doubly a doofus.  Because I thought that I only had one draft near completion – Opus Prelude.  I didn’t want to use a novel that’s not the first in a series for the competition. It just seemed silly to me.  So I started something brand new.  Something I called “Limbo of the Saved.”  I really ended up loving what I was working with.  I have every intention of finishing that novel.  It was great to branch away from science fiction for that 11,000 words I wrote.

Anyway.  I realized a few days later that I had another draft near completion. My NaNoWriMo 2011 – Convergence Point.  I gave up that year because I had a pretty severe back injury (detailed here).  I had been wanting to finish this novel since then.  I made some progress in January of 2012, but things kind of tapered off.  Mainly because I started working on Opus Aria again – for publication!

So Convergence Point is entered in ABNA this year!  I’m very excited – the people who advance to round 2 are announced on February 13th.  Which is this Wednesday.  I’m excited… and very, very nervous.  Here’s to hoping!

Anyone else entered in ABNA this year?

~LL Lemke


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