Video Games I Love

videogames1-750x712Hey all! I thought it would be nice to go through something a little different.  Things are going well out by me.  Writing is starting to pick up again – I started working on Opus Prelude again.  I still have my goals to finish that particular novel before Anime Central – that way I can sell copies of it at my favorite convention of the year.

Which reminds me that I should be working on getting my crocheted stocks back up to something reasonable as well.

No rest for the wicked.

I don’t really have ideas for new products this year, which is a shame. At least not ones that are easy to make and would sell well.  We’ll see.  My brain is kind of mush today, so you never know.  Maybe I’ll have ideas tomorrow.

Video Games

So I’ve been a gamer for a long time.  My first game was a Legend of Zelda game for the original Gameboy.  I got it when I was five or six…in retrospect, it might have been a little out of my league at the time.  But sister gave me some help and I figured out a lot of it on my own.  I should try to play it again at some point.  I slowly moved up to Pokemon and various other games.

My first console was the original Xbox.  I then bought a PS2…eventually I also purchased a Nintendo DS and an Xbox 360.

Anyway.  Games. I figured that I’d share some of my favorites.  I’m listing them in no particular order.

Soul Calibur II


Soul Calibur II is one of my all-time favorite games.  It’s one of the games that I started obsessing over.  I played it and played it until I could play each character with some sort of proficiency.  My best were Talim, Yun-seong, and Nightmare.  Two speedy guys and my lightning bruiser.  For the longest time I had plans of cosplaying Talim – I’m now too tall and curvy to do so.  I loved the challenge of the game – and the fact that my friends enjoyed it as well made it easier for me to get into.

I once played through the arcade mode with every character on the very hardest difficulty (I believe it was called ‘ultra difficult).  Why did I do this?  Just so I could have a half a chance of beating my at-the-time boyfriend at the game (for the record, I did not).  I love the sequels as well – I own IV and V.

I’d have to play through the game again to give any insight on the story.

Dynasty Warriors 5


This is the game that started my obsession with Koei.  The boyfriend-at-the-time had us start playing it during my freshman year spring semester finals.  My kingdom was Wu.  This worked out well at the time – I loved the fact that Wu had extremely diverse movesets.  I was quick to pick out favorites – Ling Tong, Gan Ning, Zhou Yu (back when he had a sword!), and so on and so forth.  It wasn’t until I went home for the summer and subsequently picked up a copy of the game for myself that the game really grabbed a hold of me.

I started playing Wei and Shu.  Now I would tell you that my favorites are all from Wei, with there being certain exceptions from Wu.  It’s a great stress relief game, not realistic in any sense (who would expect one man to cut down THOUSANDS of enemies?), and I actually like the speed metal that plays during the stages.  I have some of the sequels too (hooray Dynasty Warriors 7!)

My absolute favorite part of Dynasty Warriors 5, was most playable characters had a few stages and a storyline.  It was great.

Eternal Sonata


And now for something completely different!  Eternal Sonata was a game I decided I needed to play after hearing it was about Chopin.  I was big into music when I was younger (wish I still was!), so it was a necessity to play this game.  I got it for Christmas one year from my older brother.  I sat down and started playing it immediately.  I was a little leery at first – it’s a semi-turn based system.  But I really like how it worked and once you started to figure out how to work with chaining special attacks, it was really effective.

It was a unique, brightly-colored game.  It was a nice introduction on how to play JRPGs – it’s a lot more linear than most are, which is good for someone who hasn’t really dabbled in that genre before.  Some people didn’t like it because of that…I loved it.  I also loved that there were some awesome items in the game that allowed you to make a team that didn’t require a healer!

My favorite part of this game would be the characters (and the combat).  The characters are interesting, though a little cliche in some respects.  Despite that, they are still fun to play.

And in conclusion…

I happen to get really attached to whatever games I’m playing at any given moment.  So I purposely went with games that I haven’t played in awhile.  At the moment, I’m balancing time between Mass Effect, Catherine, Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, and MagnaCarta 2.  And Dynasty Warriors 7.  What I play depends on my mood and who happens to be around.  I have a thing about playing certain games in front of children.

These are not my top three favorite games…these are just the ones I happened to think of that I also happen to love.

What are your favorite games? Have you played any of my loved games?

~LL Lemke


5 thoughts on “Video Games I Love

  1. I haven’t played any of those, sadly. Although I do believe I walked in on my friend playing Eternal Sonata. He never told me the title, but that looks like what he was playing.

    My personal favs include Kingdom Hearts, Jill of the Jungle, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for PS2. Oh, and World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Duh. Can’t forget those, especially considering how many years of my life they have, and continue to, consume.

    • It was really, really hard to pick out just a few games. So I went with the ones that I’ve enjoyed the most. Eternal Sonata is lovely. The music is fantastic, as would be expected of any game about Chopin.

      I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t actually played all the way through Kingdom Hearts and haven’t had the initiative to bust out my PS2 to finish it. I’ve never ever heard of Jill of the Jungle – what’s it like? I played WoW for awhile…it ate my soul, I think.

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