NaPoWriMo Day 2

Hey all!  National Poetry Writing Month is going well so far.  Yesterday I kicked the month off with a poem about Allelujah Haptism of Gundam 00.

I’m pretty sure all of the Gundam meisters are going to get a poem

And my two favorite villains.

I can’t leave them out – they might get upset!

I do have some serious poem ideas though…I’ll get to those after I complete my little prose poem project.

You know…I really used to hate prose poems. SO MUCH.  And now they’re one of my favorite forms to work with.  I also used to dislike working with tercets…and now I like working with those too.

It’s fun to realize how much my poetry style has grown since I was younger.  Maybe one day I’ll share some of my older poetry (hahahaha no).  It’s pretty terrible.

Today’s poem!

[I am a void…]

I am a void…a blank slate waiting for those perfect words to send me into action.  Stars shaped like flowers burst from my eyes like red silk.  I sing a song of destruction as a blade slices through clouds that disintegrate like bone.


Not particularly long, but still interesting.  Setsuna is not my favorite character, but he still deserved a poem.

LL Lemke


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