NaPoWriMo Catch Up

gd00Hey all!  I fell a little behind on NaPoWriMo…but I managed to catch up today!

Things have been going well out here.  I’m getting things together for Anime Detour…it’s only about 10 days until the con. I’m very excited!

And I’m excited to be doing a boxing seminar at my martial arts school.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with a great instructor and finally get a little bit better with my punching technique.

So onto today’s poems!

[The taste of blood…]

The taste of blood on my fingers is the only reason I fight.  It drips to the ground and shifts to money.  Children trail behind me like breadcrumbs, tasteless and disposable.  My fangs tear through metal and spray rubies into the sky.

[A gentle name…]

A gentle name is a good thing, I am told.  I am a trap, my name is like a present, sweet as wine.  A child is the perfect cover, too young to know what is actually going on.  I am like water – perfectly patient – waiting to overtake everything.

[A layer of ice…]

A layer of ice is all that protects me.  My eyes are like my heart – red as garnets and bleeding every moment of every day.  Data is what matters – cold ones and zeros – as frozen as I want people to think I am.  But it is not blood that bleeds from my eyes…

[I want to float]

I want to float
through the vacuum
of space –
just for a chance
to see a burst
of vibrance.
To see anything
that makes me feel
like a leaf
on the wind.

LL Lemke out~


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