NaPoWriMo: Some More Catch Up

napowrimo1Hey all! I’m a bit bad at remembering to do my poems.  But at least I’ve been able to play catch up pretty well.

I guess my poems have taken a turn for the weird.  I’m really favoring prose poems this year – heavily.  But today I finally stepped out of that and wrote something a little closer to my ‘regular’ style.  Kind of.  I haven’t done anything that’s particularly ‘personal’ this month (so far), but these look a little more like my regular poems.

If that makes any sense (no).

Poems are behind the cut today!

[There are supernovas]

There are supernovas
in my eyes –
in my heart.
Billions of explosions
that should decimate
my fragile human mind.
The dust paints
life into my synapses,
forces that first,
gasping breath.




[I want to say]

I want to say
that eye contact
is (hot) wrong in a fight

but that look…
you know the one
the gaze that tries to melt

the clothes from my sweat
coated body.
I strike out – water –

to wash that smirk
from your face.
We dance – a teasing

sort of tango,
limbs lashing
like whips.

[Hesitation drives…]

1. Hesitation drives my being –
that awkward silence like so
many cut bow strings.
I thrive on it, live for it.
That falter, so delicious,
ambrosia hiding in pauses.

2. I lurk hidden in darkness –
shrouded in that familiar warmth.
That glimmer of not-quite-good
in your mind, the one that
shines like polished obsidian…
that’s me. Just below the surface,
but always there.


I don’t think that last one is actually done.  I think I can get more out of that poem.

On a different note…

100_6697LOOK WHAT ARRIVED!  Aren’t they awesome?

LL Lemke out.



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