NaPoWriMo Days 11-13

frustrationHey all!  NaPoWriMo is still going well.  I seem to like writing more than one poem at a time.  I guess that works, right?

I’m so sore from my boxing seminar on Friday! Coach Ray worked us hard, but it was really fun and fulfilling.  I’m hoping that this can really strengthen my right shoulder…it was a bit too much for me, but I think I can keep up.

Well, lets get down to the poems.

[I sometimes wonder]

I sometimes wonder
if my skin is mottled
green and brown,
patterned with so many
leaves. Camouflage
that shifts with the setting.

[My body is lead]

My body is lead,
dragging me downward
into this cold pool.
Colors are muted,
diffusing through water
My limbs feel so long,
endless in this
watery embrace.

[I am never sure if I am dreaming or awake]

I am never sure if I am dreaming or awake.  Songs draw scenes from my imagination, sirens calling men to their deaths.  Are you real or are you fake?  My fingers twitch with coiled anticipation – but there is no revelation.  Voices echo in my mind, in my room, through the world.  A maddening drum beat pounding through everything.


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