Long Time No See

busyHey all.  Things decided to get really busy for awhile there.  It’s not a good excuse.  So things that have been going on since…April.  I didn’t complete NaPoWriMo – but I love the poems that came from it.  I completed my revision of Opus Prelude (more on that later!)  I went to Anime Central (had a blast!)  And then did a bunch of work at taekwondo.

And then I sprained my back.  I’m still getting over that one.  I’m not back to taekwondo work yet.

And then I started planning a novel with my best friend/female brother.

…it’s been busy.

But I’m going to make an effort to keep making posts at least once a week.  If I do, hooray!  If I don’t…boo!

New Projects

So I’m working on a project called Never at the moment.  It’s a jump away from the Opus universe.  I’ve been working nonstop in the Opus universe since 2009…I think I need a small break.  It’s been refreshing to work on something different!  This is technically in my multiverse…so its plausible that Opus characters could pop in and troll the hell out of everyone, but it won’t happen.  Now.  Yet.  Hopefully.  I guess its still science fiction, technically…but its different!  I get to play with mutants this time around.

I’m also working on a novel with my best friend female brother.  This is also still well within the realm of science fiction…and is even a dystopian future.  But it deals with a serious caste system and human pets.  I’m excited to write with her on a project of this scale because we write really well together.  This is currently in the planning stage…but I’m still super excited.

I’ve also started implementing ways to keep track of my progress in novel writing.  It kind of sucks because it has a reminder when I don’t do well…

american_brother_is_insaneAs you can see, its a pretty simple excel sheet.  Blue for when I complete – red for when I fail.  The green was a day I was writing an outline.  It’s been helpful so far!

Opus Prelude

So.  Opus Prelude.  My goal for publication is my birthday (July 20th).  If I do get that up and going, I’ll have specials for Opus Aria!  I’ll run one of the free promotions on Kindle and make a discount on CreateSpace.  So far…I just need to hear back from my beta readers, make the last minute changes (if applicable), and finalize my cover design.

prelude_previewHere’s the preview, by the way.  This is how the cover is going to look.


That’s all I’ve got.

~LL Lemke out.





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