Upcoming: Opus Prelude!

Opus_PreludeHey all! Great news here!  If all goes well, Opus Prelude will be live on Kindle tomorrow!  Which is my birthday!  I totally didn’t do that on purpose.  Nope.  So this is my birthday present to myself: publishing a book.

I spent a huge amount of time yesterday getting everything ready. Formatting, working on covers, all that kind of stuff.  The hard copy release will take a bit longer – I need to get a proof copy to snuggle and hug for awhile before you guys can have it.

I mean.

No, that’s totally what’s going to happen.

More Awesome Things

So in addition to Opus Prelude coming out (which should be live on THIS PAGE at some point tomorrow)…I’m running a free promo for Opus Aria on Kindle.  So the first book I published in the series will be free…and Opus Prelude will only be $1.99!  The Opus Aria promo will start sometime around 1am central time.

The hard copies of Opus Aria will also be having a special (in my CreateSpace webstore).  They will be 30% off with the use of this code: VL29YSH4.  I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this code up – but it’ll at least be as long as the free promo that’ll be running on Kindle.

So yes! Happy Birthday to me!

Happy novel to all of you!

~LL Lemke



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