Some More Awesome Writing Music

Black-Veil-BridesThings are going pretty well over here!  I think I’m doing better with my keeping up with blog posts thing.  I might not pound out quite so many in the future…but I’m enjoying it!

I really should have tried to bring up my posting when I FIRST sprained my back.  That would have been way smarter.

C’est la vie.

I may have overdone it a bit at taekwondo.  It was my first night sparring in well over a month.  It’s hard to gauge what is ‘taking it easy’ and what is ‘being a lazy lump of crap wrapped in a black belt’.  I mean, I’m not lazy in class, but I’m trying really hard not to hurt myself.

It’s a work in progress.

I LOVE writing while listening to music

And not just instrumental tracks.  I can write while I listen to anything from Chopin to Cradle of Filth.  Music helps me find the mood of piece sometimes…or colors the mood.  It just helps.  Once I find the proper writing soundtrack, I’m off writing like a madman.

So a couple months ago…my lovely boyfriend recommended some music for me.  I love getting music recommendations, so I happily trotted off and looked up the Black Veil Brides album he was recommending, “Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones.”  He said it was something like a dystopian rock opera.  


That certainly caught my attention.

And good god.  I had a moment.

A moment where I heard the story of my entire Opus series playing before me.

It was glorious.

It was perfect.

Everything just fell into place and it just WORKED.

But just because it works for you…

Doesn’t mean it’ll work for someone else, right.  At the very least, I’d recommend checking this album out (and the three tracks that were released later.  I think of them as an epilogue of sorts.)  Why do you say?  Because this album tells a story.  The first moment to the last moment…it’s all story.  And it’s pretty complete as well…with the epilogue adding the denouement.

So check it out.  I think they get classified as glam metal?  It’s not very heavy at all – the vocals are pretty clear and clean.  There’s some grit, but not outright screaming for the most part.

 ~LL Lemke



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