A Study in Procrastination: My Time Sinks

youshouldbewritingHey all!  I had a lovely, busy weekend.  The hard copies of Opus Prelude are now available!  My back is steadily getting better.  I still get sore and stiff, but I’m gradually upping my physical activity again.  Maybe I’ll try to get back into stick training this week or next week.

I’m still slowly working through Exiles of Raifor by CH Ashton.  It’s a longer one…and I’m still enjoying it quite a lot!  I’ve just had a busy week.  I’m hoping to get more reading done this week.  As well as more writing!

I almost have a masters in procrastination…

As I mentioned in Reasons Why I’m an Awful Writer…I procrastinate.  A lot.  Now there are various things that I sink my time into…ranging from video games to fanfiction to text based roleplaying.  I suppose taekwondo and reading could count too…since those aren’t writing either.  I even procrastinated on writing this post.  It’s been in my drafts for awhile!  

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3


I love Koei games.  Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors, Warriors Orochi…I love them.  So when Koei decided to put Dynasty Warriors and Gundam together…well, I was a bit excited.  I played the first game with one of my college roommates.  I never played the second one.  And then the third one came out.  And I had to get it because one of my favorite gundams became playable (DEATHSCYTHE).  I knew that it would eat my time up…but I had no idea HOW much time it would eat.

The main storyline took me over 30 hours.  And there are more storylines to beat!  SO MUCH CONTENT.

And who doesn’t love running around in a giant gundam cutting a bloody swath through a horde of mook suits?

Attack on Titan

shingeki-no-kyojin-posterI suppose this could be anime in general.  Here, have the link to my MyAnimeList page.  I kind of…binge…on anime.  I go through series quickly.  I also go through periods where I watch NO ANIME WHATSOEVER for months on end.  I like waiting until a series has finished airing too (pay no attention to the fact that two series on the ‘watch’ portion of the list are still airing.)

Attack on Titan is fantastic so far.  So far I would recommend it to a whole bunch of people.  But it is really, SUPER dark.

Also, I’m always looking for suggestions for anime to watch.  Feel free to shoot me some recommendations.

Text Based Roleplaying


(art done by wolf-in-the-walls on deviantart, used with permission)

Text based roleplay.  This is one of my HUGE time sinks.  Between my private RP with one of my friends and the above mentioned Travincal Weyr…I’m almost always doing writing of some sort.

Travincal Weyr is a fun one.  Dragonriders of Pern meets Diablo.  It is dark and delightful and everyone loves psychic dragons…right?  Well, I do.  I’ve never read a Pern book but I love me some dragons.  We’re looking for new members…so if you’re interested in a fun group to write with…check us out!

But yes…roleplay.  It keeps my writing skills sharp and honed.  But it also keeps me away from my primary writing.


I guess that’s all…

Of course there are more ways that I lose time.  Fanfiction, sometimes American tv shows.  TUMBLR. GOOD GOD TUMBLR.  (here’s a link to my tumblr, by the way!)  But this is all I can really think of at the moment!

What do you lose time doing?  What eats up all your time?

~LL Lemke



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