Time Flies When There are JRPGs and Anime

tales_vesperiaHey all!  I had a nice weekend out at my boyfriend’s.  Nice and quiet.  Helped me get past the mood slip I’ve been going through.  We kept ourselves busy.  We did a lot of gaming this weekend.  And watched a bit of anime as well.  We’ll come back to that.

I haven’t gotten much of my novel writing done over the past week or two.  It’s been difficult – it’s been like pulling teeth.  At the very least, my mood has improved, and that should really help the writing process.  When nothing is making you happy, its hard to pound out novel.

At least it is for me.

But I should be getting back to writing tonight or tomorrow – depending.  Opus Crescendo…Never…and maybe dreaming up something for NaNoWriMo this year (Zodiac is still a possibility for that as well).  It’ll be nice to get back into work.

What? Video Games and Anime?

I’ve made it no secret.  I’m hugely into video games and anime.  I’ve gone to Anime Central every year since 2008.  I’ve gone to several other anime conventions as well.  As for video games?  I’ve been playing them since I was about six!  So it’s no surprise that they tend to eat up my time.  Well, not to me at least.  Maybe to others though?  Since I was a bit down this past week or so, I threw myself into games and anime to try and cheer myself up.  I think it was pretty successful!

Tales of Vesperia


This is the first Tales game I’ve played.  The boyfriend has been requesting that I play it for ages.  Basically since we started playing it.  At the time, I was very busy with Eternal Sonata – and I had been watching him play Tales of Vesperia.  And since I saw him beat it, I wanted to make sure that I gave myself enough time to entirely forget what I had seen.  After watching him play Tales of Graces f and a good portion of Tales of Xillia…I decided that I should probably give Vesperia a shot.

Especially since the JRPG I’d been working on for ages decided to glitch out.

So far, I’m really enjoying the game.  I’m about 27 hours in (it sounds TERRIBLE when I say that) and have beaten the first portion of the game.

What I’m liking the most is the main character, Yuri Lowell, is FAR from being a white knight.  He is not particularly good, he does not like that he’s being dragged around on this adventure, and at one point, he actually commits cold-blooded murder.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a bit of a thing for bad guys.  Well, morally grey characters.  Yuri Lowell is VERY morally grey.  He’s got a good heart, he just isn’t above getting his hands dirty to better the world.

I’m really looking forward in seeing him develop in the game.

Oh, and the story is pretty damn awesome too.

Attack on Titan


I mentioned a few posts ago that I had started watching Attack on Titan.  Well, I’m further in the series now.  The boyfriend and I watched several episodes earlier today.  I’ve had a lot of things spoiled because of tumblr, even though I have tumblr savior blocking #spoilers.  I’m still thoroughly enjoying it.  I’m starting to form some theories that I’m sure will get jossed by the time I finish watching the series.  But it’s everything I’ve expected of it so far.

In terms of characters, this series has a rich cast.  There’s a little bit of everything.  We have Eren Jaeger, the main character, who is extremely motivated in destroying the titans.  He (like many anime protagonists) doesn’t necessarily have the most talent out of the cast…but he is probably the most determined.  I like that he’s not the best at everything – I think it balances him out a bit.

What’s great about this series is that it isn’t afraid to hit hard.  No holds barred.  Characters die.  It is brutal and very much not for children.  The fact that characters are dying is helping flesh out that this is a desperate world.  It’s helping them with the setting and the tone.

I’m not even done with the first season – but what’s giving me quite a bit of hope for this series is that they seem to be pacing the fights and the story.

I can’t wait to watch more!


That’s what I’ve been up to.  Tales of Vesperia and Attack on Titan.  I’m hoping to get back into my writing swing in the next couple days.  I’ve got ideas for posts, so no worries there.

Have any of you played Tales of Vesperia or started watching Attack on Titan?  Try to avoid giving me spoilers!

~LL Lemke



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