You Know That Moment…

wings_of_freedomSo I just had a moment as I’m sitting down to start working on Opus Crescendo (the sequel to Opus Prelude and second prequel to Opus Aria).

I’ve been using some YouTube repeat thing to listen to Guren no Yumiya and Jiyuu no Tsubasa on repeat for most of the day.  I love the songs.  So much.  They’re from Attack on Titan, for those who are interesting.  The first opening and the second opening.

New writing music for the win!

But like with Black Veil Brides’ Wretched and Divine album, I had a moment.

Where I just was…inspired.  For the upcoming scenes.

Wings of Freedom.

I think that really suits Opus Requiem (and Opus Crescendo, I guess).  But…boy does it work for Opus Requiem.  I’ve always loved writing with music playing in the background.  It doesn’t distract me all that much, not as much as the internet does anyway.  I just love the moments when everything starts coming together.  When I can, I guess, see what’s coming.  Where the music guides me toward where I want to go.

I just wanted to share.

Now I should get back to work.

Has anyone else had that sort of moment with music and writing?  Or something and writing?

Hope everyone is doing well!

~LL Lemke



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