Open Commissions!

Hey all!  Something a bit different today.  This has absolutely nothing to do with writing – except for me being low on money and needing to make some so I can afford my next cover art.

Crochet Commissions

camo pawprint_arm_warmers_by_curseofpogo-d32842x striped_arm_warmers_by_curseofpogo-d2zljf2

Alright.  So…people know I’m an author.  This is the “help Laura get money so she can afford her coverart and medical expenses” post.

I also do crochet.  Of the items I make (hats, scares, plushies…)…armwarmers are the easiest.  And I think they’re some of the most practical!  Fall and winter are coming up and armwarmers are awesomely warm.

So because I’m low on money (a bad back made worse by a relatively severe injury at the end of June)…I’ve decided to re-open my crochet commissions.  LIMITED to armwarmers.

These are REALLY simple…but they’re really warm and durable  And completely machine washable! (depending on color combos).

Plain/Variegated: $20, including shipping
Pawprint: $25, including shipping
Striped: $30, including shipping

I should note that included shipping is for US only.  Shipping outside the US will cost a bit more.

I use acrylic yarn, so I’m pretty sure that’s hypoallergenic.  Though we do have a dog (as you can tell from the pawprint picture)

comment on this post, or shoot me an email at laura.lemke(at)  Or if you know me on tumblr, send me a message there.
Thanks everyone!




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