UPCOMING BOOK: Convergence Point: where worlds meet

Hey all!  Pleased to announce that I have a book release coming up in December!  I think I’m going to shoot for December 9th.  This upcoming book is Convergence Point: Where Worlds Meet.

Of course, I’m not entirely sure about the subtitle, but Convergence Point it is!

A Bit of Description!

Karmalink – a mere mention of the name sends the internet into a frenzy.  People say that the organization deals with the growing psychic portion of the population. There are whispers that Karmalink deals with anything that the government wants to cover up.  Everything changes for one girl when she unwittingly stumbles onto the location of the mysterious organization.

Celia Grey – a powerful psychic – has a boring, average existence.  She leaves her comfortable life as a graphic designer when she discovers the coordinates for Karmalink.  Nathaniel Harper and a man who only goes by Cheshire give her a choice: go home and never speak of what she saw, or work at Karmalink.

She chooses to work at Karmalink, of course.

Celia finds out the world is far larger than she could have ever imagined.  Between scavenging for technology to protect their universe and encounters with otherworldly beings, life at Karmalink is beyond busy.  Their adventures turn darker as one of the members’ past catches up with them.

And…a covert art sneak peek…

CP_FONT5That’s not the font I’m going with, I don’t think…but there’s a tiny snippet of the cover art!  The lovely emptycicada did the art.  She was delightful to work with.  I love the art!  I love it so much.  But this is all you get to see for now!

So that’s my big news for today.  Upcoming: Convergence Point!

~LL Lemke

ALSO! Opus Prelude is FREE for the next couple days on Amazon Kindle.  Kindle ebooks can be used on a variety of devices – so don’t worry too much!



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