Amazon Reviews to Win Some Books!



I’ve been thinking about ways to get more reviews – because reviews make the world go round in the world of writing.  They’re what help people determine if they want to buy the book!  I always check the reviews on Amazon to see what others have thought of books.  So I thought I might give you guys, the readers, some incentive.

How does it sound to review the novels…and have the chance at winning signed copies of both AND a signed copy of Convergence Point?

Because that’s what I’m going to do.


1. Read the book.  While I appreciate reviews, I want them from people who have actually read the books.

2. Be honest in the review – let the reader know what you thought! I appreciate honest critique!

3. One review per book.  Please don’t use multiple accounts to get more entries. You get two entries if you review both books.

4. You must have a public email on your account for me to contact you if you win.

5. You must be willing to give me your address so I can ship the books to you.


1st Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of Opus Aria, Opus Prelude, AND Convergence Point.

2nd Prize: You will get a signed hard copy of two of the above mentioned books.

3rd Prize: You will get a signed copy of one of the above mentioned books.


-The contest will run from now until Convergence Point is released – which is in December.  That gives plenty of time for people who HAVEN’T read the books, to READ the books!

-I will be using’s list randomizer feature to determine the winners.

-My books can be found here

-I will count all reviews on the books – but only the ones that have public emails.

-I will announce the winners AFTER Convergence Point has been released.

-I will email the top 3 to let them know they have won.  If someone doesn’t respond within a week, I will move down the list to the next name.

-if you have any questions, you can contact me at laura.lemke88(at)

I will update this post if I think I’ve missed anything.

Thanks guys, you’re all the best.
~LL Lemke


3 thoughts on “Amazon Reviews to Win Some Books!

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