NaNoWriMo has STARTED!

press-start-fa915ffe8a6fb32bb3eabf7f771620b4Hey all!  I probably should have written this post yesterday, but I was caught up in my writing!  So National Novel Writing Month has officially started.  So far, the month is going great.  I’ll to get that in a moment.

First, I’m sick.  Some sort of stupid cold. I was hoping that it would get out of my system for the start of the month, but I’ve not been lucky.  I AM getting better though.  So there’s that?

Secondly! Opus Aria is currently FREE on Amazon Kindle!  It has been since yesterday, but since I’m a derp, I completely forgot to advertise this.  See what being sick does to me? I have no freaking brain!


So this month is going FANTASTIC.  I’m actually ahead right now.  I’ve got a great feeling about this novel.  I love what I have so far and Mako and Aryne are fun to work with.  I can’t wait until I introduce some of the other characters.  I’m currently sitting at 7209 words written, which is the  most I’ve written this early on in the month.  If you want to be writing buddies, here’s my NaNoWriMo page.

So…now for that excerpt.  Behind the cut.

Bloodbond Excerpt – Chapter 3

Mako’s hand started to tingle where Aryne’s blood worked into his wound. The pleasant tingle worked its way up to a violent burn, but he couldn’t bring himself to let go of Aryne’s hand. No, his small, pale hand was holding on tighter to the fighter’s. The fire moved through his whole body – he wasn’t sure if this was what was supposed to happen. There wasn’t an incredible amount of information on the actual process of blood bonding.

“What the hell are you two doing?!” one of the thugs yelled, but his voice sounded like it was coming through water. It was muffled and strangely distorted. It was the last thing that Mako wanted to focus on.

He whimpered and brought his eyes up to Aryne’s. There was a strange, intense focus to the other man’s eyes and he had to wonder if his own were looking like that or if they were frightened and unfocused. All he could do was hold tighter to the strange fighter as it felt like his nerves burst into flame. Whether this was several minutes, a few seconds, or actual years, Mako couldn’t actually tell. The only thing that mattered in the world was Aryne. It felt like he had known him for years and he could literally feel their minds touching. It was strange, the sensation of their consciousnesses brushing against each other. A feather-light touch, tentative. Unsure. But that meant it was working! The bond was actually working!

His body felt too hot and far heavier than it had earlier, but the burning pain in his nervous system was fading away. As the fire died out, the lingering feeling of being intrinsically connected remained. Mako’s hand was still twined together with Aryne’s and he found himself not wanting to let go. Not right now. He dragged his eyes away from Aryne. The thugs had barely moved closer – it was like time had barely moved. Like the bond itself had only taken a few seconds and they had just been so caught up in them that time had dilated.

“I asked…what the hell are you two doing?!” the thug repeated, glaring at both boys.

Neither Mako or Aryne answered or moved. They stayed stock still. He finally felt calm, at ease. He felt…safe. He could feel Aryne’s mind hovering next to mind, his calm determination was bleeding through their mental connection. It was like a drug, wafting into his mind and keeping him from freaking out. He simply felt at peace.

But then the thug reached out and yanked Mako away from Aryne. He let out a frightened yelp, trying to scramble away from the larger man. “Aryne!”

The result was instantaneous. Aryne shifted to his fighter form, his skin was almost translucent in that form. The musculature was plainly obvious. He had grown several inches in height, but he didn’t bulk out like other fighters. No, he was still lithe and slender, but Mako knew he was strong. He could feel the strength in his fighter’s body. His hair had fallen from its neat ponytail, sprawling over muscular shoulders. Mako could see the same grey eyes staring out at him – there was that omnipresent determination and something akin to worry. Not fear, he knew that, he could feel that.

<<tell me what to do>>

Mako twitched at the voice in his mind, it was Aryne. He could hear that clearly, it was the same voice that he spoke with. There was a hint more aggression there now, but that had to be expected, he was in his fighter form. And his strategist was in danger.

That’s all for today

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I will be posting blogs periodically during the month.  Normal ones, ones dealing with NaNoWriMo, whatever I feel like writing.

~LL Lemke


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