NaNoWriMo Check in

nanowrimo3Hey all!  Things in my neck of the woods are going phenomenally well.  I’ve writing at an insane pace.  I’m having an absolute blast this year.

I wanted to make check in posts like this to see how all of YOU are doing this year as well!

I’ve been posting excerpts over on my tumblr, that’s if you’re interested in reading excerpts from my novel!

I’m currently sitting at 36158 words written, which is more than I’ve written ANY year in NaNoWriMo, much less at this point of the month.

So the month is going well for me.  If you have writing based questions and love tumblr, feel free to contact me on my writing tumblr!

Some tips:

1. keep having fun – this is contest, but its all in good fun!

2. make sure to take breaks – sore wrists, sore necks, and other sore body parts don’t make for  an efficient writer.

3. if you’re getting stuck, try writing short little descriptions of events you want to have happen.  It’s been working like a charm for me.

4. don’t give up – you CAN do it

Excerpt behind the cut!

From Chapter 13

Mako’s gaze wasn’t on his fighter, it was firmly on Laelle.  She was the one who was going to attack.  He needed to trust that Aryne would be able to move on his own.  Mako’s job was to be that second pair of eyes and give orders when needed.  To figure out a sound strategy to keep them from taking too much damage.  Her shoulders dipped a little, a sign of movement.  He relayed that quickly to his Aryne, who had already seen the telegraph and was moving to get out of the way. Laelle was fast though, her next motions fluid and blending together.  In comparison to how she had been in the match they had watched, this was subdued.  Mako saw one hand grip onto Aryne’s wrist, tugging him in close to thrust a fist up into his chest.


“Stop the match. Mako, you let your game face drop…and you started to move toward the fighters…” Sin sighed, his hand running through short blonde hair. “Getting close to the fighters is dangerous, too many possibilities for you to get hurt and you usually wind up distracting your fighter. Lose/lose situation.”

The fighters reluctantly split apart, snarling at each other.  It was clear that they wanted to keep fighting, that it went against their instincts to stop and go.

“Sin got too close and I stepped on him.” Vil deadpanned. “I wound up breaking his arm and we had to retreat.  Maintaining distance is important.”

Mako was certain that Laelle would be making some comment there and was suddenly glad that she couldn’t speak when she was in her fighter form.

“Focus on keeping your face blank, Mako.  Only allow your fighter to know how you feel. Your opponent will take advantage of anything you give.  Don’t give them anything.” The words were harsh, but Sin’s voice was only gently chastising.  “Start the match again. Aryne’s move.”

Aryne didn’t need to be told twice, surging forward with quite a lot of speed.  Mako could feel Aryne’s hands grabbing onto Laelle, his fingertips digging into the translucent flesh.  It was the strangest sensation.  He pulled himself away from those thoughts, letting his focus drift back to Laelle.  He needed to watch her, see what she was going to do.  He didn’t see when she started to counter, no, he felt her body moving against Aryne’s. Her hands gripping onto Aryne’s arm.  Then he saw her start to turn, getting ready to throw.  His mind froze and he faltered for a moment.

<<back up, put distance between the two of you, if you’re further away, she won’t be able to throw you as easily>>

He did know physics though.  He knew that the space would make it more difficult to throw.  Aryne did as he was told, putting distance between their hips.  She needed leverage there to get him to fall – at least that’s how it looked.  The smirk on Laelle’s face grew a little more prominent, which more than a little disconcerting.  But then Aryne dropped to the ground, spinning to try and sweep Laelle’s leg and get her on her back.  Somewhere in there, Aryne had managed to get his arm free.  The female fighter just jumped over the leg, once she landed, Mako saw her toes dig into the dirt, ready to lunge forward and pin Aryne to the ground.

<<get back to your feet!>> Mako clenched his jaw tight and willed his face to stay blank. <<back up and get to your feet!>>

<<working on it>>

There was a slight snarl to his fighter’s voice, but Mako knew it wasn’t directed at him. Aryne scrabbled, doing a back somersault to get to his feet.  He barely had his feet under him when Laelle buried her fist into his stomach again.  Mako was exceptionally proud of himself for not crying out or moving, even when he could practically feel her fist in his own stomach.  He swallowed heavily, trying to ignore the nausea and pain radiating through his abdomen.  He wanted to know why he was hurting too, but he couldn’t think about that right now.

Aryne reacted quickly, audibly snarling at Laelle as he dodged to the side, going to punch at her vulnerable floating ribs.  It seemed that Laelle (or more correctly, Maeva) had seen that coming.  The female fighter parried the hit away, dropping her shoulder and digging it straight into Aryne’s diaphragm.  The two fighters went to the ground in a tangled pile of limbs.  One thing was clear, Laelle was on top, pinning Aryne down by his throat by using the blade of her forearm.

“No!” Mako’s composure fell as he felt Aryne’s inability to breathe and the seizing of his lungs.

“Back off Laelle,” Sin’s voice was imperious. “You’ve won. Fighters shift back.”

Once Laelle moved away from Aryne, Mako darted in, kneeling in the mud next to his fighter.  He could feel the breath coming back into Aryne’s lungs and the adrenaline surging through his system.  He was already shifting back to normal, the transition much smoother this time around.  Soon enough Aryne was panting on his back, grey eyes looking up at Mako with a glint of pride and happiness.

Hope you enjoy!

~LL Lemke



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